Fade: Futuristic Funk

Fade: Futuristic Funk

futurist EP-001

As the Futurist Vol 1 ep drops today on Faded music, two immediate things spring to mind. One is that the list of contributing artists is stunning. We’ll come back to the list. The second? The enigmatic title. Is it a statement about the evolving, restless nature of D&B? The tunes themselves are as future-thinking and evasive as you’d expect from Fade and the A&R vision of his label, operating from his HQ in the Ukraine. Yet with the title in mind you can’t help but thumb back through some history – especially with that wicked retro sleeve art in mind – to weigh up the differing notions… Futurism? Futurist? Vision through optimism? or via turbulence?

So let’s simply put the same question to each of the artists on Futurist Vol 1:

What came to mind when you saw the term ‘Futurist’ and what tune came from you as a response to the concept?

Fade (‘Futurestep’)

First of all I want to say that I’m huge fan of science fiction from young ages, regarding the ‘Futurist’ concept.

I was reading a lot of books and this theme is very close to me. So I decided to launch a series of VA EP focused on deep/futuristic forward thinking sound.

After we defined the concept we carefully selected all of the brilliant tracks, and I’m really happy and proud about each of them.


What inspired the cover?

Graphic design is a very important part of this release. This art is inspired from and older science fiction style, a response to the EP concept. I want to say thanks to my wife Julia, who’s responsible for all graphic part of our releases since the label started.


KAI (‘New Sense’)

My tune ‘New Sense’ was written quite a few years back, after my first son was born.

It was amazing to witness my little boy develop so much. All senses discovered and such a joy to watch.

When I heard about the concept of the Futurist ep, I had this tune in mind, as to me it portrayed a sort of futuristic background, with a deep rollout vibe.

A pleasure to be a part of this ep alongside some amazing producers.


Histibe (‘Inside’)

The main idea was to create a track that will have unique and futuristic sound. ‘Inside’ was produced more than five years ago, at the time when D&B was one of the most progressive genres.

I wanted to make this track sound fresh even after many years.

In 2009 ‘Inside’ was supported by producers such as Noisia, Black Sun Empire and Raiden. I think it fits very well into the concept of “Futurist”.


Koss (‘The Signs’)

Futurist: the one, beyond conventional understanding of the world and art. Non-standard and originality. Waving pads and spheres.

The volumetric meditating vocals should reflect the concept in the tune.


Alcrani (‘Phantoms’)

When I heard the release would be called the ‘Futurist’ ep I knew my tune ‘Phantoms’ would be right at home. I wanted to contribute a futuristic but raw sound. It’s a track that combines organic and mechanical sounds.


ATIC (‘That One’)

The term “futurist” to me kinda sums up the evolving culture that is drum and bass: producers pushing boundaries while keeping true to the art form.

My tune is ‘That One’: it’s a mix of classic jungle drums from the ’90s melded with new school sounds and techniques to give it that sinister, murky feel.


Robustus (‘Shadowcat’)

The first things that I associated with the term “futurist” were: dystopia, cyberpunk, minimalism. Drawing from this I made a minimal roller that builds tension in the intro and breakdown with the help of pads and atmos that give a ‘sci-fi’ feel to the tune, to prepare the listener for a drop with a minimal beat with a deep and dark bassline.

Futurist ep

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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