Fade: ‘Discover Music’ and free download

Fade: ‘Discover Music’ and free download


Ukranian producer Fade can be called many things: hyperactive, innovative, instinctive, renegade, unpredictable… and now ‘deeply generous’ as well! He’s taken us behind his new Discover Music ep and supplied us with a free download in the process…

Fade. You well? What’s new?

Hey mate. I’ve been travelling a lot lately, so now it’s time to sit and do some work!

First things first: can you tell us about this free tune for the Arena? Thanks!

This track is absolutely disgusting neurofunk roller with heavy bass and halfstep additions. It’s called ‘Earworm’.

I decide to put as free download to celebrate release my next EP which is entitled Discover Music on my Faded Music imprint.

On this topic, I feel that Discover Music is a new chapter for you, in terms of style, is that the case?

Yes: the new ep is definitely one of the best things that I’ve ever done so far. The main idea for it was make it totally maximum dancefloor-friendly but to stay in an experimental field.

Can you take us through a track or two here, for example ‘Quarantine’? Cruncher.

‘Quarantine’’s a powerful dark roller with heavy distorted 808 bassline and fast beat. This track is something like a hybrid between something I’d call ‘offkey style technoid’ and trap music… in a good sense.

What about ‘Error’? Your ‘experimental bass roller’…

‘Error’… well, I’m lost for words; I can’t really describe it.

OK I will: weird!

You must be really proud of your output in recent years as you have been really delivering, and that’s the case for your label too, for example the Futurist release so what do you want people to know about, when they hear the name ‘Fade’?

I always trying keep my music experimental and fresh, but maintain a dancefloor vibe. Every one of my tracks is totally different.

I’m proud of it for sure. Faded Music is like my child and it’s so interesting to watch how it’s slowly growing.

After Discover Music I decided to release the second part of Futurist EP series, and I’m still in process of selecting tracks for it.

What artists are inspiring you right now? I know Histibe has been really pushing boundaries too – from a similar part of the globe – with his recent release and also a sample pack.

Yes Histibe is the MAN. He’s super productive nowadays.

Thanks Fade, any shouts?

Shouts to all who supported and support me now especially my wife.

Biggest thanks to all my fans and those who are buying my music!

Fade ‘Earworm’ free download

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