Fade’s Acid Trip

Fade’s Acid Trip

‘Once I saw guy at a party who was licking a brick wall… ‘

Fade has come in on a totally infectious front as part of what appears to be an insatiably & unstoppable creative drive. And out of nowhere he drops the ‘Acid Trip’.

We’ll get to that.

Hi Fade, this is a busy year for you: first Discover Music, now this release on Diffrent.

Yeah man, so many things have happened. I am really excited.

First off, I love ‘Get Rowdy’, one of my faves this year. When did it come about?

Thanks! I always wanted to try mix jungle and modern EDM sounds. ‘Get Rowdy’ is a result of it, was really fun to work on it and I am pretty happy with the result.

So original and cool, have you tested it out?

Yes I played it and ‘Acid Trip’ on a few parties in Prague and Berlin. The reaction of crowd was amazing.

‘ACID TRIP’! When did you write this? Love the synth man!

I wrote this just after ‘Get Rowdy’ about eight months ago, so was destined to come out on the same release.

Did you ever like Acid House as such?

I’ve been into Acid Techno at some point…

Got to ask: you ever had an acid trip? I know of one guy who had one in a graveyard and saw corpses coming at him for 10 hours.

Ha! No, I’ve had no trips. But once I saw guy at a party who was licking a brick wall. I don’t know what was happening in his mind at that moment, but looked so weird.

Wall licker… ‘Windowlicker’… some of the sounds reminded me of Aphex, Rephlex: were you ever a fan of that style?

No: the ‘IDM’ style wasn’t for me.

How did you and Diffrent hook up? Enjoying the new podcast (at end)

I posted a small video online which featured the sounds of ‘Get Rowdy’ and after few day Dexta wrote me and asked about signing this track. I’m looking forward to some future cooperation with Diffrent.

What’s next for you Fade, sir?

I have few dates in Germany this autumn and that’s all: I have been soooo busy. In August I am moving to Poland finally, so from that time I will be available for EU bookings anytime.

I have few releases scheduled already. There’s one track coming via Addictive Behaviour and few tracks I’ll release on my own Faded Music. That’s all I can say at the moment.

Also I am about to launch a new label ‘Faded Samples’ which will be aimed to release forward-thinking sample packs in various genres.

More info about it here

So tell us more about the pack…

It’s not just one sample pack. It will be a sample pack label which will release packs in different music genres. For example first two packs will be ‘Deep Dubstep’ and ‘Dub Techno’. There will be WAV files, MIDI, VST presets…

We have an amazing production team for this, so you can expect top quality sounds.

Also we’ll be inviting guest producers and labels.

Acid Trip/Get Rowdy
GiraffeCast 020

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