Histibe: Lunar Eclipse

Histibe: Lunar Eclipse


‘Track by track… it’s a journey of self-expression and freedom’

D&B is music of evolution, of constant evaluation. On a global scale. Each week brings new contributions to the craft: new techniques, new visions, new journeys.

Histibe, working from his base in Kyiv, Ukraine is an embodiment of this, and has readied the engrossing No Chains On The Moon ep – the follow up to last year’s Millennium Drum N Bass – a captivating collection, and about which a totally welcome obligation to find out more.

He’s also dropped the video for ‘I.P.’ to enhance it further, and we’ve included it.

‘To The Moon’… what inspired the lyrics? It sounds as if it’s from a book or a poem.

I’m glad to hear that you noticed it. The lyrics were really in the spirit of some modern-day poem for me. The main source of inspiration for me was a Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. However, I tried to mix the past and present once again in the form of lyrics and music. All the lyrics were a kind of reflection of feelings combined with modern music.

Also, shout-out to Zaur, who came up with the lyrics for the hook.

I really like the choice of sounds on the ep, so wide ranging and unexpected. When did it all start to come together?

I have a lot of demos for a long time. We started ‘Young Diamonds’ with Balkansky over a year ago. But when I have really started to put all this material together – it was when Joe Perez sent me the concept of the cover art with phases of the Moon in September, 2014. That’s when No Chains on The Moon was born. However, on this album, I was trying to show myself from different angles, including as a vocalist. I just followed my instincts and ideas without any limitations.

Has D&B – and the way D&B approaches sound – inspired you to create music of different styles?

Elements of D&B can be always heard in my music.

I started doing electronic music for over then 10 years ago when D&B was one of the most experimental and innovative genres. With all due respect, there was no Trap or modern post-Neurofunk Dubstep sound as we can hear it now. I mean, at that time it was really something special and futuristic. It all started with a huge love of drum & bass music, which then grew into a wider range of electronic music. I think huge love to heavy and deep basslines with expressive drum elements will live in me forever.

Histibe Dark Background 2-001

In D&B I know you’ve worked with people like Fade, can you explain the people you work with in music… for example who are the vocalists on this?

I met Fade long time ago here in Kyiv, when he was a DJ at a local party. And it was interesting to see how he grew up as a producer. I think you will hear more projects from us later this year.

As for the vocals, all tracks includes my own vocals, except additional vocals on ‘Mask Movement’ from Whensday & Ant-Live and Zaur on ‘To The Moon’. It was really important to me to let people know what I want to say with help of own voice. Like, to give a chance to a listener to go with me for a little time. To share some thoughts.

I see Balkansky is here, how did you work together… love the fact that you two WOULD work together as have such great approaches to music.

We met with Balkansky long time ago when both of us were deeply involved in D&B production. Nevertheless, we have tried to give the listener a more deep dubstep sound with elements of D&B. It was a pleasure to receive a Vimeo Staff Pick Award for ‘Late Night 2.0’, now we have ‘Young Diamonds’ which has received positive feedback from various artists from different parts of the world. So I don’t mind if we work on more tracks in the future as well.

Could you take us behind ‘Short Films, Episode 2’? I love that title! What inspired the tune? I love any stories, of creation.

It all begins from my first album Take the Form where you will find ‘Short Films’, a track that shows some different sides of contemporary electronic music.

In the spirit of some short films. I felt it was time for the second episode of the story.

‘Short Films, Episode 2’ contains elements of lyrics by Pavlo Chubynsky, who was a Ukrainian poet whose poem ‘Shche ne vmerla Ukraina’ (‘Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished’) was set to music and adapted as the Ukrainian national anthem. I show the distance between different genres and ages. It’s a combination of my past and present with the use of modern music technologies.

When Histibe steps up live what can we expect? What will you draw live? What artists, styles and tunes?

I don’t play a lot of live shows recently. I keep spending more time in my home studio. But I like to play music in clubs or festivals as a DJ. Also, it really depends on the venue. Let’s say, it can be anything from D&B to Deep Techno. However, I hope to see you next time on the gig in your city!


And will you play material from Millennium Drum N Bass? Could you explain the life behind that title? I believe there’s some history.

Definitely, there’s a part of my life in those tracks. The new millennium brought some new music to a new generation. Around 2003 there was a new wave of Neurofunk & Techstep D&B. But everybody here simply called it D&B. I was 15. There were no good vinyl shops here in Kyiv, probably no download outlets either.

My friend was getting some CDs from some DJs who was getting them from the abroad. That’s how we shared music at the time.

Also, I was making rap records at that time and was close to the various music communities in the city, but this is a whole different story. Around 2005 I got totally stuck in music production: virtuoso bass, drums, and all the energy around this. It was the new Millennium Drum & Bass for me. I have a lot of memories about that time.

However, I think I’m still growing as an artist and I have passion to discover new horizons, that’s why I produce wider range of genres now. I believe that the tracks from my albums may be suitable for any mood and age.

I hope everyone can find at least a few inspirational elements inside.

Regarding the title No Chains On The Moon, what does the title mean?

It means there’s no limitations: there are no limitations on the Moon. There are no chains. Whether it’s gold chains or heavy metallic chains. Even if they are on the Moon, they will be six times lighter than on Earth. Track by track… it’s a journey of self-expression and freedom.

Penultimate question: how do you pronounce ‘Histibe’?

It’s like ‘His-Tibe’, the last rhyming with ‘tide’.

Lastly, how is it in the Ukraine?

Our country is going through a very difficult times at the moment. However, I’m hoping for the best. Music warms the heart!

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Histibe ‘I.P.’ Official Video: directed by Zach Hall
Mask Movement 2015

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