Kai: Future Forward

Kai: Future Forward

Kai has contributed two cuts to the sci-fi-themed-laced Futurist Vol 2 ep out va Faded and you can catch up on Futurist Vol 1 here. With ep track titles abounding such as ‘Vengeance’, ‘Taken Away’, ‘Graviton’ you’ll be aware that something pretty unearthly is reaching out throughout but don’t run.

Hi Kai, can you bring us up to speed with how you and Faded Music started working together?

I linked up with Fade quite a few years ago now; he has always been very supportive of my music, and I’ll always be grateful he’s continued to give me the platform to put my music out.

I guess the music I put forward for consideration were slightly different approaches to the past stuff people have heard: a collaboration with Fawce and P Fine a definite highlight, which to me sounds quite fresh and exciting.

All in all it’s a great lineup on this, what with you, NotioN, Fade…

The Futurist Vol 2 ep is yet another great project from the Faded crew and I was privileged enough to also be a part of the 1st Futurist ep.

There’s two killers from Faded bossman. For me the stand out tune is from NotioN, straight vibes man!

There’s my collab with Fawce & P Fine, a solo tune from myself, a bit of a special one for me, tried a few different things… secret vocalist, wink emoticon.

Take us behind your tune with Fawce, speaking of…

Ben and I have been mates for a few years. The tune took a while, the back and forth, balancing other projects. It was worth the wait: big up Ben and Pete!

Are you leaning towards more – or less – techniques and attitudes when it comes to production?

Less is more in my opinion, maybe it’s my personal taste. There’s always a fine balance for me though.

It has to have funk/soul. Some of the more minimal stuff is just not for me, but when done right it’s so infectious!

In my opinion there seems to be far too much of the same vibes getting around.

Noisy, harsh, all stuff I’m steering away from… shit I sound like an old man.

I hear that things have not been good for you in general…

For those close to me, they’re aware of the recent tragedy I’ve endured.

I’ve found working through this grief has given me the chance to get most of these emotions out via music. I’ve been working on all different styles of music for the last four or five months.

Working with some talented vocalists and musicians, whilst collaborating with some of my great friends… and always trying to finish off mixdowns and so forth.

I love the cover of Futurist Vol 2: what sort of things do you like in regard to design? I love the old sort of punk/industrial vibe of this sleeve.

Big up Julia for the art on this one! A very talented artist/designer

A great piece of art once again. I agree it has a sort of fresh industrial feel. I don’t really have a preference when it comes to design.

What about films, TV… ?

I don’t watch TV, apart from Chelsea FC. I have a four year old, and I’ve seen the latest Minions film.

So what’s next for you, Kai?

Currently working on an EP for Peer Pressure, an ep for Rogue Beatz and also I’m quite a way into writing my first album. More info soon on that.

Keep an eye out for the next lot of free music I’m putting out for download

Any shouts?

Elaine and my beautiful boy Noah.

All the DJs for supporting my music, punters for buying it and Labels I’ve released music with. Faded Music, Flexout Audio, Peer Pressure, Basswerk, Broken Trax and Violation music.

Futurist Vol 2

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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