Fade: Urban Roots

Fade: Urban Roots

Back To Roots ep has recently surfaced on Faded. Time to catch up with Fade himself and to go straight back to basics: to find out how he’s finding time to immerse in D&B considering life in his native Ukraine is in a state of constant, troubled flux.

With such a troubled time, is it had to stay on top of music?

Yes last 3 months I haven’t had time or been in the mood to produce or listen to new music. Now after all the things that have happened here I am slowly getting back to music with new ideas influenced that part of my life, my own experience.

Your own work appears here, the ‘Urban Jungle’ and a VIP no less!

I got so much huge feedback about Urban Jungle, so I decided produce a VIP version. I kept original vibe but the tune’s sounding much more hard now.

Also the Acid Lab is here! Acid Lab is a machine! We got two of his tracks here: ‘Concealed’ and ‘Rewired’.

YES! He is like a music factory. All his tunes like a time machine; when you’re listening to them it reminds you of the old good days.

Back to roots as it were…

He is the one to watch for sure!

Who else is here, could you break it down?

Also here is a super talented guy from Australia – KAI. Loving each tune he sends and his tune here is ‘Conversion’.

You can expect his solo EP on Faded Music soon. Also inside this EP is a very interesting, deep, drumfunk track by DJ Fox. His tune ‘The Eye’ is my favourite tune by him so far.

Your label gains widespread DJ support, so who’s playing and supporting your label?

Yes, it is. The Faded label is slowly growing and getting more attention. We are building core of artists now and will keep pushing their stuff. I am really proud that our label gets support from Laurent Garnier, J:Kenzo, Doc Scott, John B, INK and many many more. I want to thank all who are playing, buying and supporting us, thats means a lot.

For someone new to it, is it difficult to run a label? What’s a tip or two?

Yes it’s not easy, needs a lot of time to do all things correctly. There’s two things without which a label won’t work, they are: good quality and interesting music and powerful promo.

How do you battle people that just rip off the tunes, by piracy? Can you actually avoid this?

It’s horrible thing. I am definitely against it but nowadays I don’t see any ways it can be changed.

In troubled times I have to go back to basics: what music do you listen to if at all?

I haven’t listened to much lately.

But I love all types of different music. Jazz, techno, house, funk, classical music… but it all depends on my current mood.

Back To Roots

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