Voltage – More Than Luck

Voltage – More Than Luck

Jamie S23 hits up Voltage to chat about his brand new album project coming soon to Low Down Deep.

It’s no surprise you have a new album out, I swear your workrate as a producer rolls out at lightning speed. Do you have a special technique that you use for producing?

“I don’t really have any special techniques or routine really, I just get a vibe and run with it. Some days are more vibey than others!”

What makes a producer want to make an album? Is it the fact you have so many unreleased tunes or more of a desire to showcase your diverse talent?

“I think timing has a lot to do with it you know, for example how good things are going in the studio, if you’re comfortable with the label etc. I actually just started the album from one track ‘Suck Out’ and someone said it would make a good album track and I thought well maybe it’s time to look at that. Nothing on the album is anything I have been sat on, everything is fresh this year.”

How do you determine the tracklisting? ‘By The Rules’ really is a showcase for your production and certainly not something many would expect to hear from you. It’s a perfect ending to the album .

“I sat with Logan and we tried to switch the vibes constantly throughout the album rather than group certain vibes of tunes together. ‘By The Rules’ was my way of just bringing something deeper to the Low Down Deep audience.”

From one veteran of the scene to another, the influences shown in your production are pretty clear. Can you describe a few of the album tracks and the influences you have taken on board from the past?

“Yeah ‘Raveageddon’ is kind of a nod to the likes of Dillinja and Hazard, the drums are quite busy and you don’t really get that now. ‘Respect Due’ again is a nod to times gone by with big stabs and energetic drops which is kind of gone from the jump up side of things.”

This isn’t a typical jump up album in the slightest, every tune has a totally different direction. How did you make this possible? It must have been so much more taxing to do this rather than stick together a ton of crowd friendly jump up that some may have expected. Any feelings on this?

“Logan and I both agreed that this was a chance to show some diversity from Low Down Deep and the emphasis was more on varied tracks at a high quality rather than a collection of dance floor bangers. This worked for me as my production is so varied from release to release and I do think it’s made a really solid final product.”

What’s your favourite track on the album? If you were at an event as a raver what one would really make you call for the reload?

“If I was at a rave it would probably be ‘Respect Due’ or ‘Secret Universe’. The latter has such a weird vibe, I love it.”

Sampling still plays a big part in your production, how do you make this work for you in your production? What’s your technique in getting hold of those unique sounds, vocals and beats?

“Personally I need samples to catch a vibe, they instantly give me ideas. I can’t tell you my technique – well I could but then I would have to kill you!”

Roland and other high profile companies are still trying to go back to basics with their instrument range. How do you feel about this? Do you think we will ever get ‘back to basics’ when it comes to music production now?

“I am really impressed with the new boutique range considering the price of synths such as the Juno 6 and the Jupiter 8. Being able to have that sound available for such a cheap price in a module is amazing and I will let you know how these sound after I have purchased them all as a Christmas present to myself! You can certainly go back to basics, sometimes it’s not about overproduction and crazy sounds and more about the vibe.”

Vintage equipment – what’s your weapon of choice if money was no object?

“If money was no object I would have a list! I would like to add a CS80 or Jupiter 8 to my collection.”

Social media continues to play a big part in the drum & bass scene and some of the biggests acts have really taken to it in the right way. Do you think we will be seeing more interaction from you? Live streaming in the studio for example or just simply video blogging when you’re out and about doing the weekly food shopping?

“I’m not sure if it’s possible for me to embrace social media any more than I have unless I leave my Mrs and get married to Facebook! I will say I do think a good social presence and interaction with the people that follow you is needed in this day and age but that’s just my opinion.”

‘More Than Luck’ is out 18th December via Low Down Deep

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