Voltage – Jungle Animal

Voltage – Jungle Animal

Jamie S23 talks to long time veteran Voltage to catch up on proceedings since he literally blew the scene to bits earlier this year and hasn’t stopped since..

It’s been a minute since we last caught up, what’s been going on since February?

Lots going on! My debut album is finished, I finally got my new label ‘Rollaz’ off the ground, started lots of fresh projects with Serum and sorted some releases with some great labels.”

You seem to have blown up , how’s life been?

Life is great! Im very busy DJing for the rest of the year all over the world so that’s awesome. Getting to play music to such varying audiences is an amazing experience!”

Did the project with Philly Blunt happen? Anything going on remix wise for them? I’m still waiting for a relick of ‘Who Is It’!

It did indeed! I have 2 collaborations with Serum coming out on the new Philly Blunt album this year entitled ‘Barbarian’ and ‘Save This World’.

Bladerunner has already done a remix of ‘Who Is It’ and I’m not sure anyone else could do it justice.”

Your new label ‘Rollaz’ hits the ground running with a storming EP entitled ‘Dope Pusher’. What inspired you to start a label? Was the labels name chosen for obvious reasons? I swear I’ve seen that font somewhere before!

“Well both the font and style were chosen for obvious marketing reasons and the fact it looks pretty cool! I wanted to launch a label purely down to the fact that I make a lot of music and it just gives people access to it. Certainly better than it sitting on my hard drive!”

‘Jungle Animal’ as per many of your releases gives a massive nod to the mid 90’s drum & bass scene. Has this now become your trademark in terms of production or is this simply you falling back on previous influences?

“I suppose its one of my trademarks now yeah. I like to revisit these kind of vibes now and then as I really think it’s missing from the raves plus the tracks always seem to go down well so it reassures me that im right about that!”

I heard someone mention that “Voltage is the new Shy FX for 2015”, would you agree with that statement?

“Ha ha ha!! thats a pretty bold statement but if I can achieve half as much as Shy FX then I would be happy. He’s certainly been a huge influence on me, especially the early Ebony days…”

What’s coming up next? Any undercover business?

Lots of tracks by Serum and I are making their way to the surface now, we have been very busy in the studio together over the past couple of months. My debut album (which i’m really happy with) will be announced in the next 2 weeks. I’m also releasing on Shogun Audio and wrapping up an EP for Critical Music in between now and December not forgetting a load of remixes I guess too!”

Where can fans of your DJ work catch you this month?

Summer Showdown – Weston – August 14th
New Creations – Swansea –  August 21st
Backlash – Bristol – August 21st
Breakin Science Carnival Special – London – August 30th
Skankers – Bristol – September 5th
United Festival – London – September 13th
Nu dance – Bratislava – September 18th
Sunbeatz – Ibiza – September 20th
Die Basserie – Germany – September 25th

Talking of your DJ sets, what equipment are you currently using? If you could describe your dream set up when playing out, what would it be and why?

“I’m currently using 3 gramophones and a Citronic mixer…. although my ideal setup is 3 Pioneer 2000’s, a DJM mixer and Martin Audio in the booth either side.”

Social media has always been something of importance to you, how do you deal with internet trolls these days? Do you check any other artist’s activity online and think… wtf is he doing?!

“Ahaha I just let people on my page deal with the trolls, I have a wicked online relationship with the followers of my music and to be fair everyone is too busy making memes of me to troll my page anyway!

I don’t really check other people’s online presence out and to be honest its down to them how they portray themselves. Some have an act but I just prefer to be myself online even if it does result in being tagged in ‘netflix and chill’ posts every day.”

Give us Voltage’s top 3 top tips for staying safe online

1. Don’t talk to women called Steve

2. Dont give your account details to unlock the inheritance from your long lost arabian Uncle

3. Dont add your parents on Facebook

Jungle animals are only found in the UK in a zoo but if you had to spend time in a real jungle what animals would you hook up with to survive?

None because i’m scared of all things that can eat me. I would make friends with a local tribe whos women wear no clothes.”

Big up Voltage, always a pleasure! I’m now waiting for a ton of Shy FX memes to hit Facebook..

You can follow Jamie Section 23 on Twitter, @JamieS23
Jamie S23 is part of the editorial team at Drum&BassArena, has a huge collection of vinyl from the 90’s and spends many hours wishing music still came on cassette. He’s stupidly into fitness and most importantly, a devoted Dad. Reminisce about air horns, lighters and The Sanctuary with him via Twitter or Soundcloud


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