Kings of the Rollers

Kings of the Rollers

Voltage, Serum & Bladerunner…

Imagine that, a combo more devastating than DJ Red’s Bruce Lee samples in ‘Enta Da Dragon’. The fact is, you really don’t have to imagine any longer as this deadly act could well be coming to a big event near you and bloody soon too!

Jamie hooks up for an exclusive chat with the trio, only on Drum&BassArena

As far as combinations go, this is pretty heavyweight. How did the link up take place? Was it part of one of Voltage’s mass Facebook threads about food and big bottoms that actually turned into something substantial?

Serum “I’ve been working with Bladerunner for several years now and we’ve played as a double act for just as long. When I started working with Voltage we had tons of similarities and it made me think we should all get together on the same set. We did a set on Rough Tempo earlier in the year and it went really well. A few of my followers asked me if we were going to do it again so I made a post a few weeks back and the response was incredible so we knew it would work.”

Bladerunner “I think after the Rough Tempo show from earlier this year it had to happen. Everywhere I’ve travelled in the last year people have been asking me if this set would ever take place, and now its definitely time for our forces to combine. After Serum posted about it last week the response has been amazing!”

Back to back sets have been recently criticised by certain artists, mainly due to the length of time it takes away from each DJ. With 3 on the set at once how are you going to do yourself justice?

Serum “It really depends who you book together. Some promoters get it right and others don’t. The important thing for me is that the DJs work together to build the set. There are common sounds in all our sets but we also all go off in different directions. Ideally we would like a long set so that we get to play everything we want and really build things up and down. At some point I’d want us to do the entire night”

Voltage “Two hours minimum. The thing with us is we all have the same common factors in our solo sets.”

Bladerunner “Yes we definitely need two to three hours, but i think this will give us the chance to really dig deep within our own individual styles, and will create a show that brings out some serious tunes and vibes from all of us!”

Is something missing from this link up? I see no MCs on the bill?

Serum “We’re going to have different hosting MCs on rotation, watch this space!”

2 decks and a mixer, 4 decks or 6? Is there anything else equipment wise being added? How about a live PA with a Yamaha DX7 in a 90’s fashion?

Voltage “4 decks obviously – how about a kebab stand next to the decks for us?”

Serum “I’ll have a set of beer taps under the mixer.”

Bladerunner “4 decks will do for me, I’m not sure about kebabs but some curry goat would be nice.”

The 90’s, certainly an era close to all our hearts. One thing that’s come back with a bang from that era is merchandise. Can we expect a barrage of tops, vests, slipmats and baby grows (!!) ready for Christmas?

Serum – The main merchandise will be our signature line of kebabs which we’ll sell from a van at the venue.

If money and profit margins were both no object, what would be your number one idea for merchandise irrespective of sale price? How about a gold plated steamroller that doubled up as a pair of Pioneer CDJs?

Voltage “I would sell life size voltage sex dolls with gold plated penis’ and a Kings of the Rollers crown on each one.“

Serum “It would be a connection to my personal Belgian beer pipeline and some sort of memory eraser so I can forget about the comment above.”

Kings of the Rollers is a big claim even though all 3 of you stay 100% true to the format. How do you stand by this claim as kings of the genre?

Voltage “I think the back catalogue of prestigious labels covered in the style we are known for by all three of us speaks for itself.”

Serum “We’ve all been flying the flag for this style even when nobody else was doing it and have brought it to nearly all the big labels.”

Bladerunner “ As these guys said, we’ve worked very hard for many years now pushing the styles we believe in, and the fact people support our music and come to see us play every week is so amazing and very humbling.

If you come to a show you will see why we are the Kings of the Rollers.

Can you name a track that any of you have produced that really brings the vibes home from the 90’s? Just one each and don’t select your own! Can you explain why you chose it?

Voltage “Serum and the legendary ‘Rat Trap’”

Serum “Bladerunner ‘Lock Off’’. Colossal is the only way to describe that bassline. The beats skip along keeping the pace and that bass swings in and out around them. It’s full of funk which is what it’s all about.”

Bladerunner “Serum ‘Phenomenon feat. Trigga’. This bad man tune captures those 90’s Roni Size, Philly Blunt, Dope Dragon vibes for me. With skippy breaks switching in ’n’ out and the stabby 808’s punching away. It gets my head nodding every time then it all turns nasty when the dutty amen switch comes in!”

Vibes is obviously a big thing in drum and bass, can you bring them in a similar way to this legendary set from 2005? This was before SASASAS but a time when SAS was very much alive!

Serum “I’d say Zinc has been a big influence on all of us and when you hear the way we mix old and new tunes I’m pretty sure you’ll see some similarities.”

Bladerunner “Oh yes, we will definitely be bringing the vibes. Plenty of new tracks mixed up with remixes and vips of some original classics.”

Voltash “Watch the Drum&BassArena sets of Serum & Bladerunner or Serum and I.”

So what’s next? We know the details but how can people link up with you to book this deadly trio of DJs? Do you have any shows already in the pipeline?

Serum “I only posted the concept last week and we’ve already got our first booking in the UK but that’s not until March. The enquiries are coming in thick and fast!. You can book us through Urban Agency”

Finally, where would your dream set be for this project? A big UK festival for example or maybe further afield?

Serum “Boomtown was huge last year and I’d love to see the three of us there next year. I would also love to get back to Outlook.”

Voltage “Rampage.”

Bladerunner “Outlook or Boomtown definitely, Bestival would be great too!”

Any shouts or big ups?

Voltage “Shouts to Bass, Trigga, Shaydee, Bryan, Frost, Nicky, Goldie, Logan D, Micky Finn and my local kebab shop who know me on first name terms.”

Serum “My family for supporting my music, Bryan G, Doc Scott, Logan D, Brockie, Roni Size, Coda, Inja, Benny V and anyone else I’ve forgot!

Bladerunner “Big up everyone who is buying and supporting the music, and all the crew coming out to the raves.”

Booking enquiries:

+44(0)1795 411 555

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