Rido Opens The New Chapter

Rido Opens The New Chapter


Let It Roll looms large in the calendar, part of the DNA of an ever-expanding scene and so it was a natural progression that some of the festival’s lynchpins – Rido and in part flanked by Counterstrike – should convene to create something that in no small way encapsulates the vibe of the festival itself. A sense of occasion (not to mention a strong sense of the volume fader pushed way up) surround the new ep Opening, and Rido beams in from Prague to take us in.

I’ve been struck by this release for/on Let It Roll so before we continue, could you explain the background, and is it a new label as such, to tie in with the festival?

The Let It Roll festival has started a new label under the same name earlier this year. Their first release was a compilation where I had one feature track called ‘What You See’…

And now they have released the first ep, Opening.

While on topic of festival, why’s it so good? people really love it: what makes it different?

Well I would say that the main reason why people really like it is that is full on drum and bass festival.

And as well it’s well-organized. So that combination could be the reason why people are enjoying it. And it is in the Czech Republic!

How did it come to pass that you worked with LIR?

I know the Let It Roll people for a long time.

And would you say that your ‘cinematic’ approach fitted with this? The music has a sense of a big event about it.

Yes I hope it works together.

And because I love the cinematic sound I went for that. I wanted to make music that would work not only in the club. With sense of something big!

So why the ‘New Chapter’ title?

The reason is that for Let It Roll it is a new thing/chapter to start a label. Something they haven´t done before.

And it worked as well for me, because we started working closely together.

And you’ve teamed up with Counterstrike here, how did that happen?

The reason why I team up with Counterstrike is because I asked him to help me out with the sound design for the opening show.

From the start we wanted to make a special track for the final part of the show. And we came up with the main hook for the ‘Let It Roll’ track.

We were so pleased with the response so we decided to finish the track.

1-DSC_0365_cb (1)

For people new to you, what are some other names you’ve worked with… there’s a few!

I worked with names like Concord Dawn, Black Sun Empire, Prolix, Mefjus, Hybris, MoreBeat…

What were some highlights for you from this past year?

I am happy that we finished EP together with Mefjus for Blackout.

That I have worked on some really interesting movies this year.

And that I can still share my love for making this crazy music with my friends and the world.

And from the personal side of life I had fun visiting Yosemite park and Hollywood studios in America for the first time… the Transformers and Simpsons rides were next level!

And what’s next from you?

Hopefully some more music. I cannot wait to take some holidays in February. I have been working nonstop since June.

OK Rido thanks!

Thank you too!

Let It Roll

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


Rido is music producer hailing from Prague. He was initially drawn to electronic music after being exposed to the heavy beats of The Prodigy. In ...



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