Teddy Killerz & Friends: Top Killer Collabz

Teddy Killerz & Friends: Top Killer Collabz

Teddy Killerz

Nothing beats a killer collab… Established artists putting their minds together to produce a sonic hybrid of their creative genius. If executed properly it’s a beautiful thing…

When Teddy Killerz dropped their recent Killer Squad EP featuring the likes of June Miller, Icicle, Annix, Gridlok, Audio and Counterstrike, it was evident from the get-go that this was going to be much more than your average collab. This was an earth-shattering fusion of creativity and meeting of titans that resulted in a mind-meltingly good EP, the aptly-titled Killer Squad.

Teddy Killerz took us behind the concept:

“For a while now we’ve wanted to do a larger project where we would collaborate with a range of different artists that we like and respect, because we always find working with different artists to be inspirational. Killer Squad was a great way for us to work with a bunch of D&B artists that we find fresh and exciting. We are already thinking about Part 2, as there are still so many great producers out there that we would love to work with!”

We decided to dig a little deeper and got the trio’s top killer collabz, and pinned June Miller, Gridlok, Counterstrike and Annix down along the way for the same…

Teddy Killerz

June Miller & Teddy Killerz – Wildlife

Wildlife was the first collaboration we did with June Miller, and we’re still very pleased with the result. Bart & Mark are good friends and incredible producers. We enjoy working with them because we don’t need to explain things to each other, and we have such a great working chemistry.

Botnek & I See Monstas – Deeper Love

This is such a great combination of a cool vocal tune and a dancefloor killer. We’ve been dropping it in almost every set since it was released, and it always works perfectly! This is a big surprise because neither I See Monstas nor Botnek focused their efforts mainly on drum & bass production.


June Miller

June Miller & The Secret Handshake Club – 64 Thousand Dollar Habit

This is a very special collaboration we did with a post-hardcore band from Holland that caught Andy C’s attention which eventually lead to our RAM signing. It was one of those projects we just did for fun, we didn’t think it was going to be released at all!


June Miller & Mindmapper & Tiiu – интерлюдия

We started this track back in 2009 and it took us roughly 5 years to finish it! It’s one of our favourite tracks on our album “Robot & Romans” and the “beat” is based on nothing other than water drops. Tiiu did an amazing job with the vocals and really transformed this track into a big journey of nothingness and a perfect bleak, dark ending to the album.



Rido & Counterstrike – Let it Roll

We got asked to do the Let It Roll Summer opening show’s sound design in 2015. We decided to put a short drum and bass track at the end of it. We just threw it together really quick from Rido’s samples. After the show we got hit up with a lot of requests for it, so we had a fun few days in the studio and finished it off. It turned out to be one of our biggest hits.


The Panacea & Counterstrike – Tinnitus

I own a lot of The Panacea’s records, some dating back to 1996… As time progressed we eventually became friends and did our first collaboration. The result is Tinnitus. We made it over the internet bouncing stems back and forth between South Africa and Germany. I still play it to this day. It was released on our Insubordination album in 2008.



Stakka, Skynet, Kemal, Rob Data – Biosphere

This tune was a major standout for me. It had a lot of the best elements of Konflict and Underfire. The bassline is timeless, the bleeps infectious, and that pause in the middle of the track was really clever!


Hive, Gridlok, D-Bridge, Break, Silent Witness – Standing Room Only

I guess it might be a bit weird to pick a tune I was involved in, but I’m a huge fan of everyone on the track and this was a really special one to me. I have one of the only two signed copies in the world!



Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit

One of the best, if not THE best tune of 2016. Everything about this track is perfect – the epic, cinematic intro, the classic “hands in the air” reese hook before the drop, the drop itself, the drums, the crazy bassline – everything is perfect.


Rene LaVice & Current Value – Calm the Fuck Down 

It was hard to imagine this actually working and we were slightly sceptical before listening, but it works really well and the guys have created a really unique track. The lead before the low down bass drop is perfect and goes off in clubs.


The Killer Squad EP is out now on RAM, get it here

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