Rido: Sonic Correlation

Rido: Sonic Correlation

‘If you find the “optimum trajectory” you can do anything’

Rido has recently teamed up with Mefjus – yes: just pause for a moment to fully digest this fact alone – to ready the Optimum Trajectory ep, soon appearing via Blackout.

‘Optimum’ and ‘Trajectory’? Point taken: it’s a sonically clinical and deadly ep.

Hey Rido, it’s an understatement but you sound like you’ve been busy.

Hi Damian. Thanks I am fine. I have been busy lately with finishing this new EP with my buddy Mefjus.

And about this: when did this ep with Mefjus start to take shape?

Well we met with Martin in his studio about two years ago. We started to work on one track. Then I took it with me and worked on it more in my place. We were both busy.

Martin with his work on his album and I was mostly busy with my sound engineering work.

But we kept visiting each other studios for a while until we had three tracks ready and decided to do the EP.

Then we just spent some time on the last track. Because that was the title track of the EP.

The ep must be the combination of a LOT of technical skill and firepower: what’s it like to join forces?

Yes totally. It was really inspiring. I’ve always been really into the technical part of the production and Martin is just a pure mad professor!

We mostly worked together in the studio so we just bounced ideas from one to each other. But we also worked solo on some parts of the tracks.

As a last process we met again in Martin studio and mixed all the tracks together, just to give the EP a certain sound and as well to have some fun.

So how has your approach to production changed in the last few years or so? Have you felt any changes in how you work?

Well, I think I’ve found my process few years back and I am just trying to continue to walk that way.

There’s always some new plugin or gear that you get into and that shape/change a bit your way of working.

But the basis is the same.

I love detailed production with emotional and slightly futuristic touch.

Can you take us through one or two tacks on Optimum Trajectory? Starting with ‘Magnetism’?

‘Magnetism’ started as a minimal deep track with epic intro. I was working on the main part solo afterwords and was trying to find the right way to go.

I tried to add some bigger beats with little live feel and that kinda change and inspired us to go different way Then we did the big Reece sounds and find the vocal that made us laugh a lot.

At the end it’s one of the hardest tunes on the EP. But we love it.


‘Causation’ is more straight forward-driving track.

I was always a big fan of stabs and I put a lot of time into making a lot of layers for the main stab sound. It’s great if you want to control each part of the sound.

All the tunes seem to be about forces and physical certainties… is that the case?

Yes that was the main idea behind the EP. We both love the physics behind sound and we felt it would be cool to describe the sound by a certain physical force.

And what about the ‘Optimum Trajectory’ title itself? It seems all about focus, energy.

It means that you have to find your way. And if you do find the “optimum trajectory” you can do anything.

Where can we find you DJing soon? Music like this needs a great club/festival to be heard right!

This summer I you can definitely catch me at Let It Roll festival in Czech. Rest of the summer I’ll spend working on movies.

That sounds big. Speaking of… any films you’ve seen that you like, lately?

Yes films always paid a big part in my inspiration and work lately. Recently I don’t have that much time to watch movies, but I really enjoyed The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything and even Unbroken.

Any shouts, Rido?

To my buddy Mefjus for a great inspiration, Black Sun Empire guys. Plus all the people that support me and give me the reason to wake up every morning!

Thanks for a nice chat.

‘Optimum Trajectory’ is released June 7 as a Beatport exclusive, followed by a worldwide release on the 21st
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