Planet Billain

Planet Billain


Emotions are the fuel, in a unison synergy with the current state of the senses.

The result produces art strokes

Billain brings the Colossus into sharp, overwhelming focus, with a custom-built lens.

In your mind’s eye where would be find this Colossus?

Colossus is a story of wider mind, lightyears away, following a scenario of human kind all grown up and on their quest to finally take the task and do their role in the universe, which has been given to them away from the earth’s shallow corporate consumerism.

In my story, the science has won. Colossus is a story of endless possibilities.

Is it a good thing that we find it?

It is good to understand that what I’m saying to people is to never forget these endless stream of stardust possibilities that put us here. We wake up in a system of social tasks that erodes at this concept: every day you are standing on a spherical vessel that travels the systematic and precise rotation on the axis of the star in the oceans of stardust.

As usual with this ep it’s simply some of the most jawbreaking, physical D&B around, implying a good state of mind with you, is that the case? I realise that sometimes a bad state of mind can create great art too of course…

That is true, but it’s the mind that creates it in both states. I would say the freedom of the mind is the main state in both moods. Where freedom happens, exploration brings experience whether they are good or bad they are all new directions. It is a natural activity of the brain. Observation at its finest, critical thinking. And emotions are the fuel, in a unison synergy with the current state of the senses.


The result produces art strokes, thin or thick lines on the canvas, dots or splatters, order or mess, leaving a picture as a signature of brains expression from different exploration states. But if you control yourself, your music will lose its life and become sterile, a tool out of the mold, a funk with no soul.

Are the tunes on Colossus connected by a theme?

All the tunes are one story. It consists of little puzzles that are followed by additional pictures depicting different moments from the colossus story. The story follows the next step in intelligence assembled in a ship. If you take a closer look from a movie perspective, one would say that odyssey is truly in the human nature.

When is a Billain tune ‘done’ as it were?

My problem is that I’m never done on any track. I would say that I suffer from that syndrome that I don’t feel any of the tunes are actually finished. I have gone in so much details that I work on several levels of tune depths, and that’s sound design to blame, since I approach my tunes like movies.

They are the canvas being painted at different speeds, in different time lengths

What is a tune that you would isolate and talk us through?

‘Autonomous’. Well I’ve had this idea going for a quite while in my head. Why do I need to respect so much D&B ‘common sense’ production rules? I mean it’s 21st century, and D&B has became a parent to so much genres because of the freedom of creation in it, that some new generations don’t even notice the grandpa nowadays.

But it seems like D&B labels are really careful. The labels are having hard times trough bad music industry years, so they are pretty afraid. Generally speaking I think the D&B trend oscillation trough years goes like ‘Ah those old tracks; let’s make more like those’ and ‘Let’s twist this game for the sake of innovation’.

So what common sense is forgetting is those “old tracks” were cutting edge at that time, and that we need to keep the same tempo even now. ‘Autonomous’ is my radical attempt.

I have put the sub on a hihats arrangement. I have researched how dense can sub be on a 16″ and 18″ sub cones because they need time to settle. So my formula was to make a sub punch lower then F note of the track to compensate the loss of F note due to very short space for tonal noticing of the F note, and to twist the sub hit in such way to ends up sounding like F.

The track was tested in cars, headphones, hifi, Funktion 1…

I never had such approach to a tune before, yet it sounds very simple in construction. Well they all are special in their own ways. Colossus has been left, revised, left, revised and like that, constructed for 1-2 years.

Why a ‘Red Surface’… what do you see?

Red surface is M-071-0 or “Mars senior” named by captain Brian of HDN Pegasus. After the jump trough very violent camoportal of Ronel 6 they ended up following some proposed directions on a very expensive mission after Curt’s dive into the autonomous, which is theoretically information embedded in dark matter. The whole story is on the soundcloud.

As you’re such a ‘visual’ powerhouse, what would be the sort of films that may make your top 5?

One that has never been made, Stanley Kubrick 2001, John Carpenter’s The Thing, Ghost In The Shell and Akira.

I need to hear this live. Tell me, what’s is the Billain live approach, and aliases?

I always play a set of D&B under Billain. I think hiphop oriented stuff would go under BillainBeats.

Under Aethek, well, this is more sound design than music, but sound design is music to me. But under D&B, I like this groove energy, and I always tend to deliver as much tunes as I can in time I have for a live set.

Can you tell us about the Collosus artwork?

This thing came out of a very realistic and interesting dream.

The early stages of colossus were given to Enis with a description of what I saw and where. We stormed trough rock material, the landscape and a small hint: hidden details in the picture. After some time Enis came out with first previews and it was spot on.

Who is Enis?

Enis Cisic, an amazing artist, who gathers the inspiration from the same source like Mensur (Demir Score) and me do.

Thanks for your time. Any final shouts and statements?

Yes. 3. 274.

Colossus ep

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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