Erection Selection 2015

Erection Selection 2015


Three words: Baby. Making. Banger.

There’s only day a year that combination of words can work without seeming plain weird, creepy or sleazy (and even then we know we’re pushing it a little): Valentine’s Day

D&B and romance aren’t the most common of bedfellows (unless you include our love for the beats) but that hasn’t stopped us asking 20 top DJs what their ultimate baby making banger is.

From S.P.Y to Silent Witness, Basher to Billain, they’ve all come back with some great selections. Proof that drum & bass isn’t exclusively gritty bass, thundering beats and grumpy press pictures… It would seem that when our favourite DJs aren’t melting dancefloors or creating studio meltdown, they’re clearly melting hearts. And now YOU can too… Drop any of these to your favourite person this weekend and we guarantee results!*

*Results may not involve anything romantic or anything positive. Drum&BassArena will not be held accountable for any ruined relationships, spoiled moments or general bedtime awkwardness due to inappropriately playing a tear-out track during a tender moment. 


Tune: Nu:Tone – System (Ft Natalie Williams) (Matrix and Futrebound Remix)

“It’s everything which I would say to the girl of my dreams, my soul mate, my best friend, my valentine.” 


Tune: Noisia – Angel Eyes (Ft Shanodin)

“The exotic establishment leans towards a divine love scene from another world. The eyes are reflecting it all; knowing and sharing the scenery of this music in real life.”


Tune: dRamatic & dbAudio – Far Away (Total Science Remix)

“This is my favourite pick for this Valentine’s. To me, it is a very very sad song, full of deep feelings about someone who is leaving, confused and for some reason can’t take it anymore.”


 Tune: Tubby T – Ready She Ready (Photek Remix)

“I was going to go with something like Brown Paper Bag but I thought that was a bit crude. Then I was going to go with something like In The Grind by Dillinja but thought that was a bit obvious. So I went for something that was a bit safer, a bit more on point with the evening and is Bad Ass Tune!” 


Tune: Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down

“Masterful movement and canter in the production, instantly recognisable vocal, and always seems to get the ladies dancing with those soulful piano licks. A classic!”

Chris Inperspective

Tune: Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me

“That’s easy! A girl dumped me just before Valentine’s day… I proceeded to play that tune on repeat for about a week and it totally fixed my head. Love is sometimes about loss… :-)”

Crissy Cris

Tune: Demo & Cease – Ladies Night VIP

“When I make love at night with ladies in the VIP, I always listen to this!”

Current Value

Tune: Dillinja – Feel My Pain

“Awesome track, always loved the intro and the abrupt and great change and typical Dillinja-esque rawness of sound when it drops! Lovely!”


Tune: Chris Su – Solaris Theme

“Love contains some extreme and contradicting emotions and its effects are felt stronger in a controlled dystopian and cold environment.”


Tune: Bachelors Of Science – Song For Lovers

“It’s all in the title. I love finishing my sets with this sometimes. On a good night, all the lighters come out as the song has such a nostalgic feel. Accompanied by a beautiful string arrangement, the tune samples a section from We’ll Be United by the Intruders and it’s all about marrying the girl of your dreams. What’s more romantic than that?”


 Tune: Spor – Valentine

“No Words <3”

Fred V & Grafix

Tune: Random Movement – Her Song

“This song, accompanied by a candle-lit room, a bed covered in rose petals and a magnum of Dom Perignon – will most certainly get anyone laid.”


Tune: Commix – How You Gonna Feel (Ft Steve Spacek)

“This has maybe my favourite verse in any D&B song. Another baby-maker is Kove – Searching. Just an epic D&B love ballad, sick chords great vocals, goes down smooth every time”


Tune: Bad Company & Trace – Son Of Nitrous

“Well it’s a toss-up between this or PFM – One & Only for all of us, right?”


Tune: Rawtekk – Snowflakes

“We think this song perfectly makes the connection between winter landscape, longing and romantic love.”

Silent Witness

Tune: Silent Witness – Looking Up

“With melting hearts in mind this Valentines, I designed Looking Up to make your heart skip a beat.  You can forget dinner with that special person, as you both transcend the celestial plains wafted by soulful voices and pulsating chords. The only possible outcome from airing this piece during  an intimate moment  is quite shocking.  Namely,  pure, carnal  filth. Pure bliss has never been so dirty!”


Tune: Jaheim – Put That Woman First (Calibre Remix)

“This track has been one of my favourites for years and every time I play it out the vibe of the room completely changes. Couples start dancing together and everyone seems to really feel the track.”


Tune: dBridge – True Romance (Ft Vegas)

“Has to be this one doesn’t it!”


Tune: Calibre & Zero Tolerance – What I Feel (Ft Merci)

“This track is just pure sex. I definitely need some ocean and summer after hearing this.”


Tune: Goldie – Say You Love Me (Rufige Mix)

“Do you need any more? Here you go… Silent Killer – I Will Die For You, Quadrant – My Beautiful Liar, The Riot – No Love, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – More Like You (Unknown Error Remix) Dying Punks & Current Value – Love All The People….”

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.