L Plus Breaks Out

L Plus Breaks Out


‘… it filled the entire studio with crispy bassline’

L Plus and his ‘Jailbreak’ has been turning heads/snapping necks of late with high level radio airplay all over it and that bassline. It’s as if something properly dangerous has indeed broken out and causing actual havoc on the streets and in the media. Beautiful!

Time to catch up with the man himself and have a word on the QT about the literally massive One Tonne Of Bass ep before he speeds off again…

Hey have to say when I heard you on the radio very recently I was a bit stunned to say the least. The ‘Jailbreak’ is phenomenal.

Thanks! Yeah that tune became really popular between DJs all over the world. I was working very hard in the studio on new bass sounds and one night I created that Jailbreak sound.

I was really happy, because the sound was amazing, it filled the entire studio with crispy bassline, after that it was really easy to finish that tune.

You’ve been in D&B for a long time now. What has your experience brought for you, in terms of experience and know-how?

It all goes quicker now with the skills I have today in terms of working with the studio equipment, sequencers, plugins automatisation and so on.

But the rest needs to be the same – exploring, inventing, searching. There’s still something new in electronic dance music and you have to be a part of it to keep your music up to date.

How did you link with Technique for the One Tonne of Bass?

I was in contact with Simon Bassline for a long time on AIM, sending tunes, discussing some feedbacks and so forth. When I reached some higher level in my production, then labels started to be interested of my music and one of them was Simon.

I like the Technique crew, so I was really happy to become a part of it. Now I see it was the right decision.

What’s your place like where you live, do you produce there?

It’s a smaller capital city of Slovakia – Bratislava. It’s situated right on the border of Hungary and Austria and from my home it takes only 40 minutes to Vienna Airport, so it’s pretty cool location.

It’s really nice city, but I’m not often in the city centre, because most of my time I spend in the studio.


I feel like you are very ‘busy’ on the live capacity, style-wise, and I wish I could see you DJ… what sort of mode do you like to get into live?

From the times when I won a vinyl DJ competition in Slovakia are changed a bit, now I play a lot of unreleased stuff as well as some testing tunes, so I’m not able to play from vinyls.

But I love speedy mixes, three CDJs are the best option for me so I can play music and show some skills I have.

And I still love it.

Take us into the ‘Arcade’? I wondered if you actually dug arcade games and the arcade ethos. I hear it in some of the sounds too.

Yeah I love gaming from my childhood times of Commodore 64 until xbox presence.

The ‘Arcade’ intro is build on Commodore 64 original samples, which I used to compose a new “oldskul” melody. I really like to start my sets with this one.

… so you dig games? Old and new, even free internet ones are great so what do you like?

At home I have xbox, I love stealth games like Assassins Creed and Splintercell of which I have complete collections, and also racing games like WRC, F1, Forza and others.

When I’m on the road I usually take PS Vita with me when I need to kill some time and I don’t understand the TV programmes in France for example.

And sometimes I try the really old ones free on the internet like Pacman, Space Invaders and so forth.

‘One Tonne of Bass’… can’t argue with this: the title, the step on it, wow. When did the tune come to you? Feel like it was a quick one, as it sounds spontaneous.

‘One Tonne of Bass’ was that type of tune when you have an idea and you try to make it happened.

So yeah, as you said, it was a bit spontaneous, I was trying to copy that sound I heard in my head and I just did it and I like it.

That tune is working really good on the floor; I feel really happy when I can play it because I know the crowd is gonna like it!

So what’s next from you… and any shouts?

I have some new material which I’m currently working on, I have some collabs running at the moment, so I think you don’t need to wait too long.

One Tonne of Bass

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.

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