Five Minutes With L PLUS…. AND an exclusive mix!

Five Minutes With L PLUS…. AND an exclusive mix!

Heard L PLUS’s Faces/Heavy Mental yet? Released on Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s Technique imprint last week, it’s causing quite the stir.

We thought we’d send the Slovakian a few questions. Not only did he come back with some funny answers, but also a massive mix. Exclusive to Drum&BassArenaBlog, not only is it a great showcase for L PLUS’s skills, it’s also  a firing way to celebrate the fact it’s Friday!


Hey Martin… How’s it going at L Plus HQ?

“All cool here, thanks. I’m just making a dubstep remix.” 

I’m intrigued by your name… What does the L stand for? 

“It’s sounding big like El Diablo, El Mariachi, El Condor Pasa . . . Hehe, I was known as DJ Larry in the Slovakian and Czech Republic music scene more than 10 years ago, then I started to produce tracks. I added a ‘+’ behind my name as a better version of Larry. You know, it was a time I wasn’t worried about my nickname, it was just fun. But when my first UK releases come out I was asked to change my name a bit so after five minute brainstorming L PLUS was born.” 

Tell me all about your new release on Technique?

“Faces and Heavy Mental are products of my DJ life. I wrote them between a lot of gigs and I made them with an aim to have some more acess in my record bag. I think the mission was succesfull; they‘re really working on the floor and the crowd love them from the first listen.” 

Faces…. where’s the vocal from? 

“No vocalist studio session this time. It’s Veela and I found her vocal line in a samplestore. The colour of her voice is amazing. I know there was many tunes with pitch up vocals before, but this time it really fits into the instrumental version more than untouched.” 

Did you have anyone’s face in mind when you wrote the tune?

“To be honest, while writing this tune it‘s working title was actually Grand Prix so the faces I had in mind was McLaren and Lotus! The final title come up with the vocal.” 

Heavy Mental is my favourite of the two…. You’ve also done a remix of Rage Against The Machine. Are you a closet mosher? 

“Nicely told. You should ask my mom; she is the one responsible! What I like about production is that energy you feel from making tracks like this. I was trying to write depressing tune few years ago, but I can’t.” 

Your last EP for Technique was called Amazing… Please tell me two amazing things in your life that you couldn’t live without!

“My girlfriend is the most amazing thing in my life and I can’t imagine how I could write tunes without her. She’s my ears when listening to unfinished melodies and always my first feedback in the studio. I think I wrote Amazing for her!

Another amazing thing I couldn’t live without is the internet of course. I was born in communism and the standard of living in our country is still far from ideal. There’s no one I could meet and ask for relevant studio tips here, no way to send demos on a daily basis, no way to listen to the latest electronic tunes and good radio shows, that’s why I couldn’t move my D&B career without a stable connection and I think it’s really amazing.” 

And your EP before that was Time Travel… Please tell me 2 periods in time (past OR future) that you would like to visit… And why!

“For sure, I want to see my mom when she was 20 years old! I saw a few pictures while she worked for the TV as newscaster. And I want to look at the 2113 just to make sure kids are learning about me at music lessons in Slovakia and to check my photo in a textbook ;)” 

Thanks for the mix. Please guide us through it a little…

“This mix is representing the sound I really feel. There are the newest tracks as well as some older ones including my production. Something like this can people expect from me on gigs. The sound of Technique Recordings fits to my production and my DJ sets the most.” 

So what’s coming up after the Faces EP? 

“I made a VIP mix of Time Travel and it will come out soon on Technique and as I mention before, I’m just in the middle of making a dubstep remix but I prefer not to tell you more about because I’m superstitious.” 

And finally, tell us something about L Plus you’ve never told in an interview before…

“I can’t stop playing games! I have an xBox in my studio and in my car trunk there’s a PS2 that I play in hotels while on tour. PS Vita and Nintendo DS are in my pocket while traveling by plane. Any idea how to stop it?”


L PLUS – Faces/Heavy Mental is out now on Technique. 
Listen & Download




L PLUS – Faces
Tantrum Desire – What Is Your Desire ft I-Kay (Kinzy Mix)
Far Too Loud – 600 Years (Skism Remix)
Matrix & Futurebound – Magnetic Eyes feat. Baby Blue (Smooth Remix)
L PLUS – Human Condition
Monsta – Holdin’ On (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
L PLUS – Gas Grenade
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Close
L PLUS – Challenger
Smooth – Virgo Cluster
DC Breaks – Move Closer Ft Belle Humble
L PLUS – Heavy Mental
Erb N Dub & L PLUS – Replica
L PLUS – Taking Me Higher
Metrik – Engine Room
L PLUS – Amazing
Tantrum Desire – Get With It
Loadstar – Bomber
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Through The Night feat. Tom Cane
The Prototypes – Suffocate
Rory Lyons – 5 On It (Utah Saints Edit)
ShockOne – Chaos Theory
Zomboy – Nuclear (Hands Up)
BirdieNamNam – Going In (Skrillex Going Hard mix)
Camo & Krooked – Stand Up feat. Dynamite MC
Tantrum Desire – Guided Rhythm
Drumsound & Bassline Smith –  War Of The Worlds remix
Brookes Brothers – Loveline feat. Haz-Mat

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