Infrasonik: Top 10 Technique Tracks

Infrasonik: Top 10 Technique Tracks


15-years of experience under their belt, and they’re not loosing any weight.

Technnique Recordings, founded by drum and bass kings Drumsound and Bassline Smith, has been tearing up our speakers and dancefloors since 1999. Founded deep in the Midlands, the label’s illustrious history has seen them reach the darkest corners of the underground  into the spotlight of mainstream appreciation. Releases from Tantrum Desire, Erb n Dub, Technimatic and even more artists than you can shake a stick at have propelled Technique into the d&b forefront.

To celebrate such a feat, the label are releasing a massive compilation looking back at the last 15 years at the top of the game and a peak into the next 15. The compilation boasts 18 tracks that flex Technique’s innovative and versatile muscles; with music from it’s early days to new unheard material that continues Drumsound and Bassline’s big-rave warehouse-sized legacy. The label bosses kick-start the compilation with this monstrous stepper:

To celebrate this hallmark release it seemed only right for one of the label’s future prospects to celebrate the label’s legacy. With a massive track on the compilation and more releases in the pipeline, Infrasonik got at us with their top 10 Technique tracks, each one seriously demonstrating the labels heritage and that big big sound we have come to love over the last 15 years. Enjoy…

1. Tantrum Desire – Reach

Tantrum Desire’s smasher Reach is their first but by no means last tune on our list! We love the vibe inside the massive basslines and female vocals. Simply: awesome arrangement.

2. L-Plus – Faces

Love that retro sound supported by awesome bass. It paints a picture of the magical 90s shaped into modern sound. Also with the most creative video to match!

3. Tantrum Desire – Guided Rhythm 

Another TD classic. This melodic one is guided by heavy bass and perfect vocals! Would have called it a masterpiece, but actually Tantrum Desire are taking the level higher and higher again and again.

4. Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft. Fleur – One in a Million 

Technique founders Drumsound and Bassline Smith deliver this crowd satisfying monster. An awesome arrangement teamed up with a perfect balance of bass and vocals is searching for competition. Directly in ya face!

5. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Breakdown

What, you’d thought the big bosses would only be on here once? Going back a few more years and we get this oldie but goldie from the pair straight outta their textbook. Nice jungle tune!

6. Infrasonik – Tazer Tag

It was our first big impact to the dnb scene and we still love the mixture of neurofunk and oldskool elements. The movement of the growling bassline and its raw power gives a picture of what’s coming up next – watch this space.

7. Erb n Dub – Moshpit

BIG BAD BEAST! If you need a tune in your set, that’s got that bit of extra madness you will have to have a look on this one, trust!

8. Phesta & Shockone – Stage Diver (ft. Camo & Krooked)

Phesta teamed up with Camo and Krooked. Awesome collab – even better result!

9. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Clap Ya Hands

Who again? Nice tune to start a set, c’mon ya’ll clap your hands!

10. Phesta – Evolution

First TECH tune I bought on vinyl years ago. Love those beastie sounds and basslines. Old but by my word certainly gold!!

15 Years of Technique Recordings
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