Klute: You Won’t Like It

Klute: You Won’t Like It


I just wanted to go with my feelings and what I wanted to do, with melody being my primary motive

Klute talks to us at the start of what promises to be a hectic year of output, commencing with the You Won’t Like It ep (to be pressed on ‘coal black vinyl’). Plus it’s 25 years since he’s stepped up in D&B. Sooooo without further ado…

How does it feel to be in the scene for this long? Personally I’m not sure if time matters like it used to, longevity-wise.

I really don’t feel like I have been around for that long to be honest, but time flies when you’re having fun. I guess more than anything 20 years feels like a birthday more than anything else so I figured I’d try and get at least a fucking cake or something out of it.

Culturally, age really has become irrelevant, especially in this retrospective culture we’re in now. I look forward to the next band of 16 year olds with some burning drive and attitude for change because there sure hasn’t been any for time.

I recall Fabio describing an early live appearance of yours as harsh but he liked it… what motivated you to make D&B in the first place? It was a different vibe back then and Cert 18 meant something pretty specific too.

Without getting bogged down in semantics it was Jungle that kicked me off producing and it was like something from another planet.

Stuff like Noise Factory & CMC / Potential Bad Boy were my biggest influences until I was introduced to Photek and Dillinja which really changed my perspective and you had a whole new sound based on discipline rather than sample chaos. I’m still a big fan of sample chaos though.

On to this new batch from you, can you talk us through ‘Be Good to the Ones (You Love)’?

That’s a typical ‘wrong’ Klute tune; all the separate elements shouldn’t work together but somehow they do, and that’s what drives me and why I love what I do.
D&B really has evolved into formats. It seems to thrive on groups of producers following each other and making the same sound. Even the so called “left field” side basically all sounds the same as each other, obviously there are exceptions…

Anyway, it’s a romantic tune, for shagging.

In general what sort of flow and sounds are you edging towards, with the new batch?

I just wanted to go with my feelings and what I wanted to do, with melody being my primary motive. Just get on with it and not worry about the outcome. I’m really happy with the batch and feel like they’re a set.

Who continues to inspire you, in that they reinforce the ethics of D&B?

Randall, because he’s unswayed; he just gets on with the beats and doesn’t fuss about in terms of getting attention. True soldier.

On the Commercial Suicide, how do you evaluate it if we look at early releases from you, Amit, then switch forward to releases such as from Mindscape & Nymfo, to name two? Maybe cite a few?

I’ve always ridden on the seat of my vibe. I just release what I think is good stuff, so I can’t really say how or why things have progressed.

Key releases for me would be: Klute ‘Glue Sniffer’, Zero Tolerance ‘Big Boss’, Silent Witness ‘The Sands’, Break ‘Positive/Negative’, Chris SU & SKC ‘Crash’, Klute ‘Hell Hath No Fury’, Dose & Trei ‘Valium Express’, Break ‘Destiny Comes Ringing’, Amit ‘Roots’, Mindscape ‘Bounce’, Nymfo ‘Matchstick’, blah blah.

What names on the roster should we look out for, and why?

Quadrant & Iris alongside their longtime love partner Kid Hops. I’ve got an album in the works from these guys and I’m really excited.

Can you name five tunes that are inspiring you?

Beck ‘Morning’
Quadrant ‘Wirecutter’
Hyroglifics ‘Terra’
Skeptical’ Imperial

… and ME: ‘You Wont Like It’.

On the live front, is Bunch of Cuts still happening, to which you were/are aligned?

I’m not entirely sure whats happening with BOC to be honest. Its def not OVER, but I think the promoters have turned their attentions elsewhere, which is a real shame because I think the night really worked as a whole because the artists were grouped together for another reason. I think ultimately because it had to involve the same people every time it became harder to think of guests every time.

What I enjoyed the most about it was the vibe. every time it just rocked. You had a group of people who were brought together because of an old website that doesn’t exist anymore instead of it being some label night marketing exercise. I think some people find that hard to get their head around and see it as a wasted opportunity.

I hope there are more to come.

Are The Stupids on the road soon?

Yes, in spring.

Abstract one, what TV do you like at the moment?

I’m a HUGE Mary Mungo & Midge fan. Set in the hardened high rise city life of urban England in the late ’60s, these 3 individuals are constantly getting into big trouble that will keep you on the edge of your seat, episode after episode. Killer soundtrack by Johnny Pearson to boot.

Aside from that I’ve been on a mad documentary tip, mostly music stuff, for example the Doc about the Descendents. I’ve just been tipped off about BoJack Horseman, Peaky Blinders and some other shit. I LOVE House Of Cards and Check It Out with Dr. Steve Brule.

Any recommendations are most welcome.

You Won’t Like It ep
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Klute is one of the greatest human beings to have walked the earth. He has been a member of the inter-galactic council of 9 for a number of years ...



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