Klute’s Top Ten Amen Tracks

Klute’s Top Ten Amen Tracks

Last week saw Klute unleash the first release of the year on his Commercial Suicide imprint – the Take A Breath Remix EP. 4 tracks deep, it sees Klute breathing fresh life into his classic from the Lie Cheat & Steal LP and injecting a serious Amen workout. It goes a little something like this…

Powerful with an unmistakable vibe, it’s Klute doing what he does best; striking a perfect balance of contrasts and layering sonic textures like an absolute boss. The release also boasts a remix from A-Sides, as well as two fresh slices of brilliance from Klute himself.

In his own words:

As well as being an Amen head i’m a big fan of roots reggae, dub and lovers rock, and in my own way i’ve always incorporated that influence into my music – obviously the dub element, but aspects of the music too.

Take A Breath isn’t a reggae tune as such, but a dubbed out Amen tear-out. Originally it only came out on the vinyl issue of Lie Cheat & Steal and while it was a popular tune at the time, I don’t feel it got the attention it deserved. So I decided to up the ante and introduce the sweet melody line on top and increased the Amen pressure. More than anything it was purely for me to play out, ‘cos there’s nothing better than to batter an Amen in the mix.”

It felt fitting, then, on this lover’s day, to ask him to go rogue with a dedicated Amen special. He’s selected 10 crucial slices of pure Amen genius – take a breath and dive in…

Ah, the Amen. The best break. So many versions, so many styles, so many ways to use it, so many ways to cut it, so many ways to make it flow. It never ends. Timeless.

It’s an impossible task to pick 10 fav Amen tunes without leaving out something or forgetting about 20 others. These ones came to mind – interestingly they’re mostly on the dark side, no BIG surprises but probably some glaring omissions – in no particular order this is my list, show me yours?”

Dillinja – Heavenly Bass (Logic)

So many killer Dillinja tunes with Amens, but I always liked this one because it’s just sheer scientific madness. Karl playing with his toys, turning the Amen inside out with the new technology of the day.


Digital – Space Funk (Timeless)

The first tune Steve ever made on his own and still one of his best. An absolute savage tune that nails you right between the eyes, bone to the core. Pure punk.

Studio Pressure – Relics (Certificate 18)

Rupert used the Amen extensively in his early years on almost every release so it’s hard to pick his best one, but I love this for its laid back sizzle. Beautiful.

Doc Scott – Last Action Hero (Reinforced)

Scotty’s tunes taught me a lot about the use of the Amen as an energy layer, however this tune is about as militant as an Amen can get. Drill Sargent Doctor Scott. Legend.


Dom & Roland – Mechanics (31 Recordings)

No one makes their Amen kicks stamp more than Dom and this is his most pompous of them all.

Uncharted Territory – Uncharted Territory Part 1 (Penny Black)

Hugely underrated tune from Darrell Invaderz from back in the day. Total Amen carnage, massively ahead of its time.

Souljah – Fade 2 Black (Hardleaders)

The archetypal dark Amen rinse from Lemon D. What can you say? Ruff as fuck.

Break – Yes (Commercial Suicide)

Charlie is such a talented musician and producer and it was such an honour to release one of the best Amen tunes ever on Commercial Suicide. This tune never gets old, still play it to this day!

Source Direct – The Crane (Source Direct)

Hard to pick the best from the toxic twins, their Amen legacy runs deeper than most. No one’s going to argue that this is one of their finest moments though.

Spirit – Re-dial (Metalheadz)

Duncan knew how to tear out an Amen better than anyone, and this is such a killer nod to Doc Scott. Listening back to a lot of Dunc’s tunes recently I realised how meticulous he was with his sound and influences. Very clever little references litter his music, paying tribute to his deep background in house, techno, rave and whatever culture.


The Take A Breath Remix EP is out now on Commercial Suicide – get it here.


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