Klute is one of the greatest human beings to have walked the earth. He has been a member of the inter-galactic council of 9 for a number of years now and was recently awarded the prestigious role of Minute taker for Brent council narcoleptic society.
Klute began sometime in the mid nineties as an exclusive name for Certificate 18 records and produced 2 fine albums for them before receiving a help in the community grant from Sir Alan Sugar to start Commercial Suicide, the home for mental deficients.
Since 2001 Klute has steered Commercial Suicide to release over 50 12" singles and 7 albums, mostly by himself but countless others too........... tbose too stupid enough to know better to be honest. If you see Amit, SKC, Nymfo, Break, Chris SU, Hive, MIndscape, Trei, Dose, The Upbeats, Ill Skillz etc etc when you are out and about, do stop to give them a pat on the head and a caring grin. They know no better.
As well as releasing on his own label, which is called COMMERCIAL SUICIDE, Klute has released on many of the most prestigious labels in the world, such as Metalheadz, R:Soul, Hospital, 31 Records, Shogun Audio, Certificate 18, blah de blah. He has also collaborated with many studio greats too, such luminaries as Lamb, Mogwai, Bis, Natasha Atlas, Harold Budd, Concord Dawn, John Tejada and loads of really sexy women too.
That'll do for now, you get the idea.

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