Ultimate Festival Bangers!

Ultimate Festival Bangers!

Festival vibes remain high this week at Drum&BassArena! Today we’re hitting up as many big name DJs possible to convince them to share their ultimate sonic weapons.

After A LOT of persuasion, we finally managed to get Logistics, Total Science, Optiv, Kasra, Spectrasoul, Zero T, Camo & Krooked, Concord Dawn, Cyantific, Phace & Misanthrop, Ant TC1, Adam F, Vicious Circle, Mika, Kanji Kinetic, Cutline, Flux Pavilion and RacknRuin to all share their killer prize winning bangers.

Some you’ll recognise. Others you might not. But ALL of them are true trade secrets: tunes of this calibre are all guaranteed bombs that will cause the utmost crowd pressure when dropped at the right festival at the right time. They’re also a fine way to treat your ears for an hour or two today… Read on and press play!

Weapon: Foreign Concept – Mob Justice [Enei Remix]

“For me the one tune guaranteed to bring any floor from the brink is this Enei remix of Mob Justice. It’s been doing serious damage for a few months now but seems to have gotten even bigger now it’s out. A future classic!”

Spectrasoul (Jack)
Weapon: Capone – Tudor Rose (listen and download)

“The track that I always pull out the bag is Capone’s Tudor Rose. It’s an oldie but a goodie! The trademark bass and lashing beats always always have the desired effect. And it’s a track that doesn’t sound out of place in a modern day drum and bass set!”

Zero T
Weapon: Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine [Matrix Remix]

“Listen to it…………..that is all.”



Camo & Krooked
Weapon: Camo & Krooked – Breezeblock (listen and download)

“Our essential festival bomb has got to be our own tune Breezeblock. A lot of ravers know the music video and know exactly what to do when the tune drops: go wild! Another festival classic got to be Pendulum´s Voodoo People remix and of course a cheeky tease of Hazard´s Mr Happy.”

Weapon: Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People [Sub Focus Remix (listen and download)

“I’m not sure there’s been a bigger festival tune since this. It’s got just the right amount of hands-in-the-airness without sounding like a leerdammer nightmare. And the mix-down is so good. Everyone seems to know it (or the original) too…you can’t lose!”

Phace & Misanthrop
Weapon: Noisia – Shellshock (listen and download)

“The wall of death!”


Weapon: High Contrast – If We Ever (listen and download)

“A bit of an obvious choice, may be, but this just works everywhere, all the time! If the crowd are flagging a bit then this always seems to give them a good boost. It’s been played thousands of times but it still gets a big response. I never forget to pack this!”

Concord Dawn
Weapon: Special Forces – Sidewinder

“When it’s time to get primal and tribal, there is still no tune that does it better for me than this.”


Weapon: Klute – Buy More Now (listen and download)

“Always have this tune ready! It never fails to rock the dancefloor and I think a lot of people overlooked it the first time round. I’m constantly asked what it is whenever I play it. It’s still fresh, rolling and packs a punch!”

Ant TC1
Weapon: Dillinja  – Nasty Ways

“It’s a sure fire banger and a good one to pull out on the occasions where you feel that kind of tune is needed.  It really works so well in the mix with anything produced today: most of Dillinja’s old productions prove to be timeless. They always seem to stand up well alongside a lot of the extremely well produced material most artists come up with today.”

High Contrast
Weapon: Laidback Luke & Robin S – Show Me Love [High Contast Bootleg]

“My festival weapon is the Show Me Love bootleg I did as the original is a dance classic that everybody knows. Plus in my remix you get a housey bit and the D&B section so it’s a bargain all round!”

Vicious circle
Weapon: Hive & Gridlock (Feat DBridge, Break & Silent Witness) – Standing Room Only

“Our festival ‘must have’, this is a guaranteed smasher every time we play it at any festival. It’s accessible enough to appeal to the curious non D&B crowd while still getting mad love from the D&B faithful. The spinetingling saxophone licks combined with one of the most addictive bass lines to date makes it our ultimate festival banger.”

Total Science
Weapon: Total Science & S.P.Y – Gangsta V.I.P
(listen and download)

“The original released on Shogun Audio was arguably our biggest track of 2010 so we did an even bigger VIP version just for the three of us and Friction. It never fails to raise the roof and is extremely exclusive.”
Note – this video and the download link are for the original. The VIP is too exclusive!

Weapon: Spectrasoul – The Four Points

“Even though this tune is three years old, it never fails to deliver. When you need to draw for that heavy hitter this track always packs a punch.”

Adam F
Weapon: Adam F & Sonic C – In The Air

“I love the fusions this track has… The bounce of the moombahton, energy of Knife Party, flavour of Dutch house/dubstep and party vocal sample really gets the crowd hyped up. It’s also a tune that’s been supported from the D&B scene, moombahton, house, dubstep… So it works with all crowds. Gone off every set.”

Ayah Marar – Mind Controller [Cutline Remix]

“Not to big ourselves up too much, this really is one of the biggest tunes we’re playing right now. Crowd reaction is always off the chart. At Cable in January we convinced the entire dancefloor to squat down on their knees during the intro and jump as high as they could when the track dropped, it was like a riot! It’s been smashing up huge arenas from Les Transardentes in Belgium to UKF at Brixton Academy, can’t wait to unleash it on the festivals this year!”

Kanji Kinetic
Weapon: Double 99 – RIP Groove (listen and download)

“This one needs no introduction and no explanation. You know how some tracks get overplayed and you get tired of hearing them in the rave…this one is immune. 15 years on it’s still a guaranteed smash.”

Flux Pavillion
Weapon: Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop

“Even though I’ve played it over ten million times, strangely it’s still something I really look forward to playing. Every time I see a crowd going mental to it, it brings me back to my bedroom when I wrote it. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Weapon: RackNRuin Feat. Janai & Illaman – Dazed & Confused [Skism Remix] (listen and download)

“Although there are loads of classics I could choose from, for me I think it has to be one of mine, as a lot of people seeing me at a festival will expect RackNRuin tunes. This tune always explodes the festival crowds, I started with it last year at Glastonbury and everyone went crazy. The intense intro and insane Baroque build up twists everyone’s intoxicated minds into straight madness!”

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.


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