In these heady days of bass-fuelled anthems dominating radio waves and Grammy Award winners lists it's become de riguer for electronic music producers to try their hands at a few different genres.

Cutline don't just experiment with fleeting interest, though, they live for it. Their exploration of genres, both new and familiar, with an undeniably powerful production style is a testament to their burgeoning list of influences. From classical music and metal bands to hip hop, rave, jungle and drum & bass, Cutline have absorbed and obsessed over almost every significant musical genre you can think of.

Anyone who's seen the duo's incredible DJ performances can testify to that. Whether they're dropping the dirtiest drum & bass, exploding the dance floor with the latest in energetic electro house and dubstep, or pulling out a random classic, Cutline have the skills and passion to stitch together a musical story that's as enrapturing as it is invigorating.

Meeting in their hometown of Swindon at the age of seven and bonding over a mutual love of He-Man figures, BBC basic computer games and good food, Jeryl Wilton and Dan Wilberforce, collectively known as Cutline, became lifelong friends. By the time secondary school came along Dan had moved to Abingdon while Jeryl remained in Swindon. Thankfully for electronic music the pair kept in touch and separately developed an enduring adoration for the rave music that was creating a musical revolution across the UK during their teenage years.

At the age of 15 Cutline re-bonded over a love of Technics 1210s, stone cold basslines and Ganja Kru’s Super Sharp Shooter EP but it was to be ten years before they began to produce music together. In that decade Dan went to university to study commercial music while Jeryl received an alternative education at London squat parties and free parties up and down Britain’s oldest road, the Ridgeway.

In a few short years the duo have remixed some of the hottest records around, including Rudimental’s UK #1 ‘Feel The Love’, racked up nearly 10,000,000 YouTube views, played shows from the Isle of Wight festival to full tours across Europe, Canada and Australia. Their “Beauty and the Beast” approach to music winning them scores of fans from around the world.

With undeniable studio sheen, an experimental attitude and a heavy slice of sub bass powered grit, Cutline’s tracks comprise as many styles as their DJ sets do. Trying to pigeonhole these producers is a pointless pursuit, but watch this duo slice up dance floors with precision cuts of eclectic, energetic dance music and you will truly understand Cutline.

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