Positive Vibes: Fred V

Positive Vibes: Fred V

You should all know the deal by now… Positive Vibes are a chance for our favourite DJs to share their ultimate ‘happy place’ tunes. Tunes that – no matter how grumpy you are, how much beef you’ve got, how many times a bird has done it’s business on your head – will instantly put a big old grin on your face.

This week we’ve asked Fred V who, with his partner in crime Grafix, has just made Major Happy.  It’s so huge Hospital have opened their massive Sick Music 3 collection with it and, judging by the YouTube comments, it’s become a bit of a positive vibe for many Fred V & Grafix fans…

Here are just some of the best:

“I don’t know man… This song just makes me feel like everything’s gonna be okay.”

“How can someone make something so beautiful!!”

“I never want this song to end!!!”

“honestly, I’m smiling”

“Makes my nipples stand proud from my body everytime I listen to this”

“I need them to make me an 18 hour mix of this, so when I wake up in the morning it is my alarm, I plug my headphones in and go about my day. This song should be the sound track of my life, if it was, I’d be major happy.”

Moving stuff, there. Especially the nipple one. THAT’S what positive vibes are all about!

“It’s funny, Major Happy is just a working title!” laughs Fred. “We’re pretty rubbish with names so we usually just pick a name from whatever’s inspired the track. This one was in a major key and it’s a pretty happy tune. When we first sent it to Hospital we thought ‘yeah, major happy will do, whatever’ but they liked the name more than any of the other titles we sent them! We hated it at first but it’s stuck now and we’ve grown to like it. I can’t remember what the other titles were. Just random shit names! I’m not the best person for names considering my DJ name is just Fred!”

Title aside, it’s a killer tune. And it shares the same album as 25 other Hospital bangers, each of which are delivered with same gusto, panache and energy as Major Happy. Highlights includes brand new material from Nu:Logic, Maztek’s Twang and Total Science’s Now As It Was. The list goes on…

“It’s an honour to be opening the compilation,” says Fred. “We’ve not been on the Sick Music series before so it’s even cooler. We’ve only been on the 15 years of Hospital album before.”

Speaking of albums, Fred hints that a long player from him and Grafix could well be on the cards for late next year. While they can’t confirm anything close to a release date, he hints that the material they’ve written so far is ‘unlike anything they’ve done before’. Exciting!

In the meantime, let’s check out Fred’s top three positive vibe tunes, eh?

London Elektricity – The Plan That Cannot Fail

“It’s a funny one… This is happy but really sad at the same time. It gets me every time. I love the chord progressions in it. We play it in a lot of our sets, too. Just an amazing track.”

S-Type – Billboard

“He’s part of the Scottish crew who gave us Hudson Mohawke and Rustie and the likes. I heard this on Rustie’s Essential Mix and have been in love with it ever since. It sounds like it should have a L’il Wayne vocal on it. It’s really cheesy but I love it. It’s got this big lead sound that puts me a wicked mood every time I hear it…”

Ugly Duckling – Einstein’s On Stage

“My favourite hip-hop group. Both me and Grafix love them. They’re a trio from Long Beach, California, they make stupidly funky music and they always put me in a positive mood. This particular song is on their Audacity album and it’s about their DJ and how he’s a crazy motherfucker. I can’t recommend these guys enough – instant major happy mood.”


Sick Music 3 is out now. Listen and download.



NEED MORE POSITIVITY? Then head to Fire, Vauxhall tomorrow night (December 8) for Hospitality’s official Sick Music 3 launch at Lovebox After Dark!

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.