Melinki – The Four Corners Mix ft. Tali, Visionobi, Harry Shotta & Coppa

Melinki – The Four Corners Mix ft. Tali, Visionobi, Harry Shotta & Coppa


At a time when the world is in a dire state of affairs often the best remedy is a good healthy dose of music to bring us all together, and Melinki’s got just the thing…

Introducing a brand new concept designed to bring all 4 corners of the drum and bass scene together in one mix, he’s enlisted the talents of Tali, Visionobi, Harry Shotta and Coppa to represent their corner of the scene for 15 minutes each.

Immense selection, quality mixing, quality bars – We scored the first exclusive, so get it in your ears, and read on for a chat with Melinki himself…


Big ups for the mix Melinki! What inspired it?

My pleasure! The idea came to me a few months ago when I was at work and seeing a lot of negativity on social media and a big divide in the scene. I have always been into a wide range of drum and bass and loads of different genres in general.

I have been working on tracks with all the vocalists featured on the mix over the last year or so and I thought, “you know what? I need to do a mix with all of these guys!”. Represent everything that’s good in this genre we all love and bring it all together in one mix. Something to unite fans from all corners of this scene, whilst also showcasing all the music we have been working hard on over the last year.

How did you approach the mix itself? It truly covers the full spectrum of D&B – so that was intentional?

YES! I have always been a firm believer that if you like it you should play it. Who cares what sub-genre it fits in? I only play music I love, and I love music from all corners of the scene, so I approached it in a similar way to all my mixes but with the twist of having to split it into sections for each MC.

I knew each MC would take a while to come back with their parts so I tried to pick tracks that would stand the test of time, not just the big tunes that were around at that moment. I also wanted to try and give people the opportunity to find something different to what they are normally into, hoping that fans of Shotta would hear the Tali section and think “this girl has got skills, I didn’t think I liked liquid, but I love this!”, and the same for fans of each MC, so I’m hoping fans of each sub-genre will find something they enjoy in each section.

It’s definitely been a task bringing it all together, but the final product is definitely worth the effort and its something I’m really proud of!

As you should be! Loving the flavours each MC brings to the fore – what made you reach out to Tali, Visionobi, Harry Shotta and Coppa specifically?

Well, as i mentioned before I have been working on tracks with all of them separately, but even before that I had been a big fan of all of them. It was definitely fitting for these guys to feature on the first mix in this series. They all share something in common, and that is that I reached out to all of them to work with me when none of them had heard of me before.

The fact they all gave me the time of day and gave me a chance to work with them even when they are at the top of their game really says a lot for them. A lot of people in the scene could learn something from these guys! I love this about all of them and have learnt a lot from working with them and would now call all of them good friends.

Before we dive into the new year, new me malarky, looking back on 2016, what was your highlight? 

There have been a lot! I think the best was hearing my track played by Kasra in the Critical room at fabric. I absolutely love that place and the Critical nights have massively inspired me over the last 5 years. To hear one of my own tracks on that sound system, played by one of my favourite DJs, surrounded by friends and family was absolutely amazing. Especially because I had no idea he was going to play it!

I also got my first Radio 1 play this year from Friction, which has been followed by a further 4 plays this year on Radio 1 with different tracks.

Another highlight was playing at the last ever Renegade Hardware event as well. That was the first time I was happy enough to play a lot of my own tracks out and the response was amazing! One of the best raves I have ever been to without doubt. That was followed up with getting a release on the Final Chapter LP on Hardware, the last ever release on a label that was a huge inspiration to me growing up. The track is featuring Coppa and is also featured in this mix…

I could go on all day really… haha! 2016 was honestly an amazing year for me. I also found out I’m going to be a dad and expecting a baby boy in March which I am seriously excited about!

Massive congratulations are in order then! 🙂 What’s coming up for you for the rest of the year?

Loads! I have an EP coming out on Celsius Recordings with Demure, as well as the release on the final Hardware album. Also have another release with Vigourous on Heist’s label co-lab, another on Serotone Recordings, an EP with American producer Maverick Soul coming on Emcee Recordings, a Melinki and Tali EP, tracks on Coppa’s LP and unsigned music finished with Verva & Revaux.

Also some sick gigs coming up in the next few months and lots more to come for the rest of the year!

Wow, you’re certainly a busy bee this year! Final words of wisdom/ shout outs?

Have to shout out all the MCs featured on this mix for believing in me, and helping me achieve my vision with this mix. Every one one of them has absolutely killed their part on this mix and I can’t wait to hear peoples reactions. They done me proud!

I’d also like to shout out all of the guys I have met in the scene – there’s a lot of negativity on a daily basis but if you ignore that and look a little deeper there are some real good guys that have helped me a lot and continually look out for me and help me progress. In particular Erb n Dub, Philth, Marco at Triple Vision, DJ Chef, Kasra, my manager Shaniel and of course you lovely guys at Drum&BassArena!

Words of wisdom would be to stay true to yourself and do what you love, even if you think no one’s taking any notice, eventually your hard work and passion will shine through.

Oh, and someone book us a to do a live 4 corners set with al 4 MCs, you know it would be sick…




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