Killer Hertz – Top Spot Feat. Harry Shotta

Killer Hertz – Top Spot Feat. Harry Shotta

Supported by everyone from René LaVice to SASASAS, this absolute banger has been causing destructive maneuvers across the globe on dub. Jamie links up with this talented trio of producers to grab the lowdown.

Collectively, you guys have over 20 years experience in the scene. If you could draw for one moment and one time in your drum and bass life, what would it be? What’s that one memory that’s stayed with you and pushed you forward?

“We are forward thinkers and are really looking ahead, however, the last year of Killer Hertz has been amazing! The response to our music has been incredible and it’s inspiring to push the music to the limits.”

The Brighton scene has always been relatively upfront and forward thinking, why is this?

“Brighton is a hub of talent. It’s the spot to be in the UK right now!”

The jungle scene has made a huge impact once again over the last few years. How’s that taking shape in your hometown? Is there much call for the original 90’s vibe?

“No idea to be honest. Strictly drum and bass from what we can see…”

Do you guys have one favourite tune from your roots that’s really influenced your style of production?

“We have a lot of influences, however, old Bad Company tracks always get a mention in our studio!”

Signing to Fricton’s label Elevate Records last year must have been a massive thing for you. Was this something you guys set your sights on from early or were you discovered simply by sending out your best tracks to a select audience?

“We were approached by a lot of labels, however, we felt signing with Friction & Elevate was the best choice for us. We are a new act on a new label. This gives us priority on the label and we have a great working capacity with the label team.

Elevate is also based in Brighton so we can drop in the office or pop round to see Friction when ever we want. It made sense to keep everything Brighton based!

Harry Shotta over ‘Top Spot’ is a perfect match. It’s almost as if you made the tune for his lyrics and flow. How did this happen?

“We wrote the track with Harry in mind, contacted him and within a few days he sent us the finished vocal. He’s a true professional and at the top of his game!”

What were the vibes like at the studio when it was recorded? It must have been fire!

“He’s a one take master. The best in a vocal booth.”

Do you have anything doing the rounds on dub that’s going down a storm at present? Anything forthcoming from the Elevate camp?

“Yes we have our next single ‘Armada’ being exclusively spun by Friction in the clubs. We also have some huge remixes we’ve done ready to drop! Watch this space.”

Any shouts or big ups?

“Yes Amy at Elevate & our mums!”

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