Unreal: Night Fever

Unreal: Night Fever

An alchemic, potent fusion if there ever was one is: Brazil and D&B. That we know. But São Paulo native Unreal teaming up with Pennygiles? On Liquid V?? It’s… unreal. Really.

We spoke about ‘Just One Night’, the search for Jeremy Carr, about what’s hot in Brazil… and I put my foot in it about the football.

How is life, Unreal? What are you up to?

I’m in Brazil right now, to be more specific, I’m in São Paulo with my brother SPY enjoying some holidays!

I have to ask the football question, did you enjoy it?

After seeing Brazil massacred with seven goals by Germany? Enjoy? I don’t think so!

In general was it a good idea? All that money spent… was it too much?

Serious talk: the World Cup is a big event and everybody was out to have fun. But how were you told it was an expensive event? All went well until the loss to Germany.

There’s a great vibe to ‘Just One Night’…

‘Just One Night’ was done so much faster than tracks I’ve done before. I played the notes, quickly found timbres, made the beats, the bassline and inserted vocals.

Simple as that! Just one night to make ‘Just One Night’!

In general how has your music changed over the course of the last few years?

Today I can feel an easier way to bring what I think inside me straight to the tracks. For example: when I think of a harmony, in a matter of minutes I can think of a bassline. A few years ago it was very difficult for me.

But I think I have yet a lot to learn.

Can you explain how the linkup with Jeremy came about? This voice on ‘Just One Night’ is great.

I have a habit of showing my ideas to people closest to me.

I showed ‘Just One Night’ to the mother of Thomas… he’s my son.

And she said, ‘It’s a beautiful song but it would be better with a male vocal.’ I began a search for a male vocal. I found four but the ‘Jeremy’ vocals looked like they’d been made for my song.

After that I started a search for Jeremy’s contact! Bryan Gee listened to the music and automatically began work to license the vocals with Jeremy’s manager and the result is the single, now released.

Speaking of liaisons who of the fabulous Brazil scene are you close to, in terms of who you work and socialise with?

A lot of incredible producers and DJs like: Level 2, Critical Dub, Shortik – I’m working on a remix for him… L-Side, Chap & Andrezz, Patife, Marky, Mario A – a talent with incredible ideas and my big friend. There’s Marnel, Oliver Ferrer from Luv Disaster and so many more names that make the scene stronger every day!

Now to ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ wow, this is just timeless, soul-driven liquid funk, I love it!

When I listened to the original sampler automatically I opened my Ableton and started to do something. I showed it to Stuart AKA Pennygilles – because as I said I have a habit of showing people my ideas – and asked if he would like to compose this song with me. I was a big fan of the Pennygiles, today I feel honored to have a song with him.

Lastly, what was the first D&B you ever loved? Maybe name some examples?

Wow! It’s very hard for my talk about my love for D&B in a quick way.

I remember the first time that listened ‘Inner city Life’ by Goldie. what an amazing tune. If I can make a top three it would be that, plus New Forms by Roni Size and ‘LK’: such a big Step for Brazillian D&B.

Just One Night/Nothing Lasts Forever
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