D&Brazil: Unreal

D&Brazil: Unreal


The D&Brazil series continues… And who better to follow after last week’s interview with S.P.Y than his equally talented younger bro Unreal?

Unreal – real name Jorge Lima – seemingly barged his way into the scene in 2012 with a series of stunning remixes and originals on the likes of V and its sister label Chronic. His remix of David Boomah is especially noteworthy…

Then, just as suddenly as he breezed into our playlists and battered our speakers… He kind of vanished. It turns out he had a very good reason (he became a father) and that he’s got brand new material en route very very soon. PLUS, he never really exploded into the scene as quickly as it seemed to the rest of the world. Like all the best producers, his releases came after years of studio studies, knuckle-grafting diligence… And a belief that he’d never actually get to release any beats at all!

“It was 2000,” he recalls. “I started going to a studio with a friend who had a rap group. They were to recording an album and I started paying attention to the way they produced it. Honestly never thought my music would be released because that it’s always been a hobby. After 12 long years of trying to make something that was worthy of a release, I had my first release the on Luv Disaster label.”

The rest is Brazilian D&B history. Let’s find out what’s in store for the future… 

Let’s kick off with the obvious… How do you feel about the World Cup? It seems like there’s a very divisive opinion in Brazil…

It’s very hard for me talk about it because I love soccer and this event…. But it’s weird for me see how much money the Brazilian corrupt government “spend” to make FIFA happy. Brazil needs more investment in education, health, employment and not in stadiums. I hope that Brazil become champions. But for me this World Cup would be better in other country. 

Wise words. So… What have I interrupted you doing right at this moment?

I received your email seconds after my alarm rang to wake me up! In other words… I was sleeping!

Sorry about that! I was hoping you were going to tell me we’ve interrupted you writing tunes… You’ve been quite quiet since you first boomed into view in 2012!

Ha! Unfortunately in Brazil it’s very difficult to make money with only music. To pay my bills, I have a job that consumes much of my time. In 2013, my son (who I am completely crazy for!) was born. As you can imagine, after this my free time has decreased even more. The truth is that I can’t dedicate the time I would ideally like to do more music… But whenever I can, I dedicate as much time to it as possible!

I hear you man. And it’s not like there’s total silence… Nothing Ever Lasts Forever with Pennygiles is en route. How did you hook up with him?

Pennygiles is an excellent producer and great guy. This will come out soon. I dream of being able to do more work with Pennygiles. We talk and exchange projects often. They’re all unfinished and it’s my fault!

So what can we expect to hear from you next? 

Probably 2014 will be a new beginning year for me. There are some releases due on V sometime this year. I have about eight tracks signed and ready to be released… I’ll let you know what tracks and when they come very soon!

Can’t wait to hear them. You’ve got a pretty eclectic style – from your RUDEBOY remix of David Boomah to the deeper, darker sounding remix of Chap’s Fear. What and who are your inspirations?

It’s very difficult to talk about my influences in drum & bass because I like all the sub-genres! Marcus Intalex, Total Science, Nu:Tone, Logistics, dBridge, anything on Metalheadz, Makoto, Random Movement, A Sides and of course my brother S.P.Y! Every time I hear anything from any of them it makes me learn something new! Talking about others genres, though; I love old school black music, early electronic music such as acid house, techno, hardcore and of course jungle. I also love Brazilian music.

What was your soundtrack growing up?

My roots are a big mix. My dad had a MBP cover band and they played all different flavours of Brazilian popular music. I grew up in a neighbourhood where most of my friends would listen to rap, RnB, soul, old school funk. Another group of my friends (including my brother) started a discovery of different sounds like acid house and techno. I can happily say I’m a guy with diverse musical passions!

When did drum & bass first appear on your radar? Was it love at first sight or did it take a while to get into it?

I don’t remember exactly as I was already a loyal consumer of jungle. But I remember in 1997 a friend lent me New Forms by Roni Size… From that day my life changed.

I’ve spoken to UK DJs who’ve told me that South America has a natural physical relationship with drum & bass more than any other continent – because of the heat, because of traditional music – would you agree with this? 

I was talking to a friend of mine about it. We couldn’t come to a concrete conclusion. But for us it is true that our country has a total love affair with drum & bass. People jump, scream and stay until the end of the party, drinking and smiling. I believe that this striking impression occurs for all UK DJs who come over and play!

Tell me about you as a DJ… I’m assuming you were a selector before you became a producer?

You’re right. I started as a DJ playing at friends’ parties. I started playing very young under the influence of my brother.

If you could b2b DJ with any drum & bass selector on the planet who would it be and why?

Fabio & Unreal at a Liquid V party. We’d play only beautiful tracks!

And if you could co-lab with any producer (any genre) who would they be and why?

With Makoto. We would make two tracks: a nu-jazz track and a drum & bass track. I really love Makoto’s vibe!

Let me have some fun with your name for a second… What’s the most unreal thing you’ve experienced or seen in your life?

Hahah! A lot of unreal experiences have happened in my life! Seriously speaking my son’s birth was the most unreal thing I ever had to experience in my life.

Finally… Anything else you wanna shout or promote? GO: 

First I would like to thank the opportunity of this interview and thank the support of all DJs and people who like my work, especially all Drum & Bass DJs, producers in Brazil and Around the World. Stay tuned in these names: Level 2, Chap, Andrezz, Crytical Dub, L-Side, Rusty, Shotik and new tunes of David WS and Marky as well. Big shout for all my friends and family: Agatha (my wife), Thomas (my son ), S.P.Y (my brother), Jason Magin from Philly, Akaida from L.A, V Recordings and all crew, Luv Disaster (Oliver Ferrer and Koiti, big friends), DJ Freeky, 2Funkyz, DJ Andy and all Mono Club Staff, ForBass and Tendence Crew with your Mighty Mole “The Promoter” and finally our Brazilian D&B Portal: www.drumnbass.com.br.

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