Teddy Killerz: Exclusive UKF London Promo Mix

Teddy Killerz: Exclusive UKF London Promo Mix


Teddy Killerz are in top form right now. After the beast that was Teddynator/ Endlessly, they’re back with the interstellar Hyperspeed EP on RAM, and are heading to London next Friday for UKF alongside Sub Focus, Dimension, Dub Phizix & Strategy (tickets here) as part of UKF’s mammoth Autumn Tour.

We caught up with the guys for a chat about the new EP, caught wind of an upcoming album AND scored a banging exclusive mix. Aggressive yet concise, it’s a perfect taste of what to expect when they man the controls at UKF.

Get it in your ears and read on…

Hey guys, cheers for joining us again! How are things?

Everything is cool. At the present time we are focused on our next EP & album which we hope will be released next year. It’s our main priority right now 🙂

You’re back in London in September as part of UKF’s huge Autumn tour… You’ve had loads of uploads and support on UKF, is it surreal to be involved in a tour like this with the brand now?

We are super excited! We are good friends with the UKF team and really proud to be part of the UKF tour. It will be massive!! Big ups <3 <3 <3 We really can’t wait!

UKF London


How do crowds in London compare to other locations in the world for you?

Well, it’s the place where everything started. London’s crowd is one of the best in the world, but it’s also a big challenge everytime for DJs I think. You never know which tune will work, which wont…

Well we can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store! Last time we spoke you had just dropped Teddynator/ Endlessly, and you’ve recently unleashed The Hyperspeed EP on RAM… Safe to say it’s huge! Tell us how the EP came together…

As we mentioned before we are mostly focused on album work right now, but before we took the time out to finish it, we wanted to put together some of the heavy tunes we’ve been playing out in our sets. They all came together from small sketches we did for dance-floors except the title track – Hyperspeed.

What’s with the interstellar themes?

It’s funny, but we found out that all tunes have names linked with space theme so It was very obvious how the whole concept will look like.

I love the artwork…

Yeah, it’s purely amazing. When we came to Jasha Wolf who always makes our covers, we were looking for a concept around Hyperspeed. Of course the first thing we had in our minds were Star Wars space jump things, but we decided to step back from classic associations and make something different and more simple. At the end we found a compromise and used the hyperspeed jump picture for the inside cover of the gatefold. It’s like – you open it and do a space jump!


That guitar riff in Quasar… OOOFT. Was that a sample or made specifically for the track?

It was part of a demo we had. We got an idea to make some kind of rock / d&b tune, but suddenly found out that it perfectly fit to another demo we had!

Spacejunk is a personal favourite, what’s yours?

Deffo Hyperspeed 🙂 It’s quite a new sound for us and it was a cool experiment. We are happy with the result.

If you could launch 3 things in to space, never to be seen again, what would they be?

Weapons, TV & David Guetta.

Good answer 😉 Hawking radiation is a beast. What do you think Professor Hawking would think of it? Have you sent it to him? 

Haha we must try! Didn’t think about that… I think he would be like 0_o WTF is this…

Final shout outs?

Thanks to moms, dads, kids, UKF, Drum&BassArena, RAM, OWSLA, UK Border Police & British Airways…

Catch Teddy Killerz at UKF in London 25. Sept. Tickets available here.

Hyperspeed is out now. Available from RAM and iTunes

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