Positive Vibes: June Miller

Positive Vibes: June Miller


Another week, another positive vibes session… A chance for your favourite DJs to share a trio of tunes that make them smile no question. This week: June Miller

“A positive vibe is a tune that you can listen to when you wake up and keeps you happy for the rest of the day,” grins Mark McCann, one half of the trans-continental duo. “If it’s that good, maybe even for the rest of the week.”

We couldn’t describe positive vibes any better if we tried. What’s more interesting is Mark’s selection… Hardcore punk, smooth soul and an epic 18 minute musical freak out. Just like their output, June Miller’s inspirations are vast and commendably varied.

“We really love anything and I guess that shows in our output,” says Mark. “We always just try and keep smiling with whatever we make, and I think that’s how it should be when making music. Just do what you want to do, regardless.”

Nothing represents this open-eared remit than their forthcoming release schedule that includes a dubstep nugget with TMSV on Black Box, a liquid roller and downtempo double A on Sonorous, an Enei remix for Critical, a collaboration with Nymfo and a secret project for what Mark describes as “a very special label.”

This week, however, it’s all about Ditch. Out now on Horizons, it’s a dark, moody collaboration with Dabs that came about through a hacked AIM account. No, really.

“That’s a really weird story,” laughs Bart Dijk, the other half of the Holland-based outfit. “My AIM was hacked by someone three years ago. By the time I discovered it was hacked I didn’t know he had been talking to loads of people! So Dabs came online and said ‘hey Bart, here are the samples for our collaboration!’ I was stunned and didn’t know what to say because I haven’t talked to him before.”

Drum & Bass Arena has never saluted a hacker before but in this unique situation props are due. Now let’s get down to some positive vibes…

Deluge – Higher Level

“I think my first pick has to be the band that seriously shaped my future in the most positive way possible, Deluge. Bart played guitar in this band and it’s how we first met. I use to run a small hardcore punk label and one morning this CD Spot In The Shadow dropped on my door mat. I was so blown away and dropped them a mail, to see if they wanted to come and do a tour in the UK. We finally got everything arranged and the tour was amazing, it was such an instant click between us all and we went on to do many more shows around Europe. We’ve have been pretty much all best friends ever since.

“It’s funny because if no one would of sent me this CD, there would be no June Miller, I wouldn’t of moved to Holland and my life would look so much different now which represents the most positive things in my life. Real sentimental value.”

Stevie Wonder – Visions

“I remember finding the album Innervisions in my parent’s loft when I was younger and my Dad telling me stories about Steve Wonder being blind. It always fascinated me as a kid; I never heard the record and my parents didn’t have a record player at the time. Music wasn’t as accessible in those years – you couldn’t just jump on YouTube and check it out – so I had to save up pennies to get one. I remember going to the local car boot sale and picking one up for a tenner and almost running home, being careful not to trip and drop the turntable! The song that really touched me was Visions. I was completely amazed that someone who has been blind his whole life can sing about how beautiful leaves and flowers are. It’s almost a mysterious melancholy tune but the fact that people can be so inspired by what Steve Wonder does also makes his creations one of the most positive things in music.”

NOFX – The Decline

“An absolute masterclass piece of music. I am such a huge NOFX fan and this is most probably my favourite song. It’s a special one; 18mins long, it pushes so many boundaries and it’s unbelievably creative! I still wonder how the whole process of writing this song was done. I find it really hard to say something positive about the song because its direct message is something totally different. But what I personally take out of it is inspiration and energy which, for me, can only be positive!”

Ditch is out now on Horizons Music.

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