Nicky Blackmarket Preps for Inno In The Dam

Nicky Blackmarket Preps for Inno In The Dam


There’ll be little left of the venue next month – or is it venueS, one being the mighty, legendary Melkweg – wherein Innovation In The Dam is hosted when the lights come up after Nicky Blackmarket‘s set. He’ll systematically smash it to pieces with a smile on his face as that’s patently/traditionally what he does… as evidenced by a recent Rinse mix, check at end.

What’s new with you Nicky BM? This isn’t a throwaway question: what have you been up to and where have your travels taken you as we all know it is very extensive with you?

Yesssss, been up and down the country representing and all over Europe keeping me busy, Germany and Switzerland to name a few!

Also the Kartoons label is running well on the digital side with Leaf for the second release and Profile/Origin for the third!

What changes are you feeling with D&B on the live front?

There’s changes going on all the time and I think the scene is healthy right now, with lots of festivals this year supplying D&B/jungle which didn’t before!

So how do you personally keep an awareness of what’s happening in music, through what channels/means? Inbox, radio, word of mouth, etc?

You have to keep an ear to the ground and be in it 24/7. Whether it’s speaking to label owners or producers, listening on the radio… all of it.

How much is it digital v records with you?

It is all digital now, that’s just thew way it goes, sometimes I do play a vinyl set, but it’s very specialised.


Tell us about the forthcoming Innovation in the Dam and what’s going to happen? I hear Voltage is there too, we spoke of him before and he has new stuff out which sounds great.

Really looking forward to it.

Always a good vibe over there with a galactic line-up. With such a mass exodus from the UK flooding to the Dutch city I know Voltage is getting excited too!

What can we expect from you?

Myself and Fatman D will be doin’ our 360 showcase, so expect the whole thing!

Have you got stories of previous Innovations to tell us?

I remember last year on the boat party getting proper passively intoxicated as it was all inside and no windows open.

I had to have a little sleep after that… !

What makes it so different to other happenings on the D&B calendar?

It’s a great D&B/weekend/holiday abroad… Dam has a special vibe!

What tune is in your head?

Biobeats‘ premium booty of Galantis ‘No Money’, wiiiiiiiked catchy line.

Oh and the ‘Bell Tune’ by the Invisible Man on LTJ’s label which I’ll be repping my old skool sets-sounding like an ice cream van!

Nicky Blackmarket pics by Chelone Wolf
Innovation In The Dam tix

Nicky BM Rinse mix

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