Liz-E: Heart Drive

Liz-E: Heart Drive


Liz-E‘s recently illuminated this damp, dark, misty final stretch of 2014 with her glittering, driven double whammy for SGN:LTD, namely ‘Need You/On My Mind’… into which she kindly gave us the lowdown. Not to mention recounting how she once brought the roof down. A bit literally.

Liz-E! The new tunes sound great, have you been busy producing this year? It’s been some time since we last spoke.

Thank you very much. I’ve been working hard at making some different styles. I’m always busy.

So what sort of things inspire you to get in the studio?

Any time I get I spend making music. Sometimes I will create an idea really late at night and wait till the morning to see if I’m feeling it, then either carry it on or just start a new idea.

I do end up with so many half-finished things or ideas but anyone who produces will know that’s standard.

What sort of influences creep in to the production melting pot?

I’ve always had really eclectic influences throughout D&B. Growing up I would collect vinyl and play a mish mash of different styles so when I started to produce I wanted to take influences from who I admired and use that when working on music.

‘On My Mind’ is a fantastic tune, can you take us behind the scenes?

Thank you. My tracks are really personal, some of them are almost a release for example if I’m angry or upset. I’ll just write a tune about it, making it into a positive outcome.

And the title? What IS on your mind?

‘On My Mind’ was just called that purely on the vocal and the style of the tune. And who knows, maybe it was about someone on my mind…


I feel you have an ear for what works on the floor… is it the case? Does your DJ instinct play a part?

I would like to think I do ha ha. Yeah it probably does, I just always think what would I like to hear?…

When you approach a set, what things are a consideration? Do you have a set in mind beforehand or does it depend on the crowd and venue?

Sometimes if i’m playing a big gig I will plan ahead and know what kinda set I’m going to play but then again sometimes I like to just style it out with whatever I’m feeling or what the crowd are feeling.

I think the venue and audience is the main thing: any D&B DJ takes them into account – but I always try and incorporate different styles to suit my surroundings.

‘Need You’ is heavyweight, it’s a timeless piece that will work in a small or large club I feel!

Thank you again! The tune was made when I was trying to make something very ‘throwback’. I like bringing sounds that influenced me back to life.

In general D&B is still very male dominated, do you ever think this will change?

Yes it is but I don’t have a problem with that and no. But I think I’m seeing more females popping up now.


So what DJs and producers are part of your life in D&B, who are friends and allies in the music?

I have so many friends in drum and bass; obviously my label bosses Friction and Jaydan are strong allies.

People I have looked up from a young age who I have deep respect for, for example DJ Storm, Dr S Gachet, and Randall are now very supportive of my music and what I do which I still find crazy.

What are some recent tunes that have found their way into the set?

I always find the ones you least suspect come in a ruin the place – in a good way – ha ha.

It’s always the tunes I’ve randomly come across or sometimes I will hear something and hunt for it and wait for the right gig to play it.

Everytime I drop ‘Terror’ which was released on Smokin Riddims it gets positive reaction… I think a piece of ceiling actually fell on me once playing that out so I will still draw for that.

I’ll always try and represent the labels I work for or the artists I’m supporting but it’s constantly changing so I can’t always pinpoint specific tunes that I’ll keep in my set… plus then I’d give too much away about my up and coming sets ha ha.

Fair play. Wrapping up, if you had to grab something from your studio to make a quick escape – god forbid – what would it be?

My hard drives. Goes without saying really.

What’s ahead for 2015 for Liz-E?

Release good music and work hard … and maybe another ep? Lets see what happens.

Any shouts?

Shouts to SGN:LTD and Smokin Riddims and anyone who has bought or supports my music or comes to watch me DJ and not forgetting DNBA!

Need You/On My Mind

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