A rose among thorns: Liz-E

A rose among thorns: Liz-E


As it’s International Women’s Day today we figured we’d take any excuse to shine a spotlight on one of the most hardworking women in the scene. Although she doesn’t need it… She has been doing that brilliantly herself, and it’s all thanks to her sheer passion and drive.

And let’s not forget talent, obviously. Elizabeth Welch, aka Liz-E, is a force to be reckoned with in drum & bass. Fresh from winning Best Female Artist at the National Drum & Bass Awards last weekend, it’s no wonder why.

With releases on Smokin Riddims, Punch and SGN LTD, Liz-E has been making a name for herself both in drum & bass and dubstep, which is no easy feat in an industry often dominated by males. We touched base with the former model to see what it’s like to win such an accolade, whether she’s still a raver, and what’s up next for her.

First of all congratulations on winning Best Female Artist and 3rd best breakthrough producer at the national Drum & Bass Awards! What an achievement! How does it feel to win such an accolade?

Thank you, it feels great! It’s nice to know people like what I do when I only had dreams of reaching such a place in my career, so when it actually happened it was very surreal.


Have you always wanted a career in music? If not, what did you want to be when you grew up?

No I haven’t actually. When I was growing up I wanted to be an actor. Jungle music was just a hobby that I was passionate about.

Based on your previous releases you’re a bit of an all-rounder. From crunchy, heavyweight vibes reminiscent of DJ Hazard in the track Torture, to the beautiful emotionally charged The Last Time, to Jungle vibes on Fred… Not to mention your contribution to dubstep as well. Your versatility suggests an air of confidence and maturity in your production- Is there a particular sound you’re pushing at the moment that’s inspiring you?

I just make what I like at the time really. I’m often inspired by moods, films, emotions, people, certain situations- anything really, and I like to experiment a lot.

You’ve recently finished the new single for Smokin Riddims- what can we expect from that release?

I’d like to think that that release is diverse and I have made each side very different. Just waiting on the final release date for that one now.

You used to be a model- is this something you’re still pursuing?

I stopped modeling to invest all of my time and effort into my music, but I’ll still model when I can.

What made you want to start producing music of your own?

I was so frustrated knowing I could do it. I was keen to learn and also wanted to create an outlet for emotions and ideas.

Was it a long process to wrap your head around production?

Yes, it’s been a journey… And I’m still learning!!

Do you have any advice for others looking to try their hand at production?

I don’t think you have to have the best set-up, but if you want to do it just know it will take time. Watching tutorials definitely helps!

Do you still enjoy the scene as a raver? If so, any events you’ve attended recently that you enjoyed?

Not as much these days. But when I have gone to events it’s always nice to listen to your peers and check out their styles and enjoy it.

If you could collab with anyone from any period of music and genre who would it be?

This is a hard question, but a good one! I would probably like to work with someone in a different genre, but there is a few too many to name just one!

Any artists you’re watching at the moment? If so, why?

I’m not one to watch other artists but to enjoy what they are making. If someone does catch my attention I will usually support them and let them know I like them.


Have you found it difficult to be noticed purely for your talent or do people still focus on your gender? And if so, do you find that annoying or use it to your advantage?

Not really, I like to think I am noticed not just because of my gender, but it’s something that will always happen. If anything, people are shocked and I still get that now.

What’s next for you?

I am working on a lot of new things at the moment. Obviously my new single for Smokin Riddims, and also hopefully another release with SGN LTD and experimenting a lot with house music on the side right now as well.

Have you got any advice for girls who want to get into what is still a very male dominated industry?

Learn to be very thick skinned.



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