Lakeway: Into the OXT

Lakeway: Into the OXT


Lakeway‘s signature sound [which you may have encountered alongside Corrupted] has recently alligned with the one and only giraffe-centric Diffrent camp. Time to go to the ‘necks level’ then…

Lakeway, how’s it going what you up to since we last spoke? Been a minute.

Hey it’s going great thanks! Just been trying to go as hard as possible with production since signing to Diffrent.

What’s this year been like for you?

This year has been an interesting one for sure, most of it has involved me shutting myself away and trying to push my production as far as possible and take in a wider source of influences. Apart from that I’ve started playing out a bit more and even played my first gig abroad which has all been fantastic!

I’ve met some great people and I reckon it’s definitely been the best of my life so far where music is concerned!

The music of OXT sounds great: when did you and the Diff crew link?

Thanks! I first linked with the Diffrent crew about two years ago when I sent Dexta a whole load of tunes including ‘Coke & Cola’ and ‘Don’t Stop’ which turned into my first release. Since then I’ve been spamming the inbox regularly with new bits.

When did ‘Quasar’ come together? deadly deadly ammo.

‘Quasar’ came together when I sent Dexta a beat which was essentially just zapping noises.

It was good but probably would have been a bit of a room clearer if I was left to my own devices. I hit Dexta with the stems and then we threw a couple of versions at each other until that final tune you can hear on the EP was born!

What influences been creeping in?

Obviously a lot of the current instrumental grime stuff has been a massive influence this year. People like Mssingno, Strict Face and anything Mr Mitch does I find very inspiring.

Also a lot of more club orientated stuff in particular from the Nervous Horizons camp, some of the best drum work I’ve heard in a long time comes from those guys in particular TSVI and Lokane.

170 wise I’ve been listening to a lot of the stuff on The Dreamers Recordings and of course the 20/20 stuff, basically anyone keeping it fresh!

Take us into ‘Million Miles’, that is a trip.

‘Million Miles’ all started with that vocal sample and trying to do something a bit more stripped back but still keep the emotional intensity vibe.

Using kontact for strings it then felt only right to mix those with a grime-esque beat. I think it was one of the first bits for the EP I actually started/finished and it’s probably one of my favorites. Music can be the best possible outlet for how you are feeling at any given time and ‘Million Miles’ was just that!


What else would you say about the ep?

It’s taken a long time to finish everything up but was more than worth it. I tried to step away from trying to make everything sound crystal clear and worrying too much about the production and just find a vibe and go with it.

Like I said music is the best outlet there is, and when I started the EP I was in a deep depression which resulted in an inability to properly connect with others, hence the name The Oxytocin EP. This was the main inspiration behind the tunes and for me a cure for the situation I was in. Aside from that I tried to take in as many outside the box influences for the tracks and I hope that people vibe it!

Where can we find you playing out next?

I believe there may be something happening in Exeter on boxing day, Bunker x Diffrent on the 8th of Feb and aside from that my diary is pretty clear! Hint hint, ha ha.

Could you name three inspirational tunes to end on?

Mssingno ‘Fones’

Wallwork & Tsvi feat. Nico Lindsay ‘Facts’

Kastle ‘So Faded’

OXT ep

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