Get To Know: Chords

Get To Know: Chords

Get To Know: a series of features where we introduce someone who’s likely to be making BIG noises in the near future. Today we lock in with Chords. His debut single release, Video Soul / Fly is out this week on Matrix’s Metro label and his first ever release was on a Hospital compilation. It’s an impressive start to a promising career. Take a listen to Video Soul and you’ll understand the heat…

Wicked, right? We gave him a call to find out more…

First release was a remix on Hospital. Not a bad start!

“Yeah, a remix of Cyantific’s Don’t Follow. It was on Hospitality Festival Drum & Bass, which was amazing. I just hope I can keep that buzz going and keep on making music that excites people.”

And you were a finalist in BBC Young Musician before that, right? That’s not a bad start either!

“Oh that was years and years ago. I was 15. I’ve always been heavily into music. I play piano and guitar. I used to write a lot of songs and proper music before I started the electronic stuff.”

Having that background gives you a better background for any form of production…

“Yeah I think so, too. Plus I’ve always loved drum & bass. It’s one of the few genres of music where someone who has no formal music training can make a tune which is just as good as one that’s been written by someone who can write music. There’s no judgement. I love that.”

Yeah that’s cool. I guess the name Chords comes from your musical background?

“Yeah it does.  I played piano from when I was four years old. My brother started calling me Chords and my friends caught on and it’s stuck.”

You’ve been playing the piano since you were four? Wow. Was that your own decision?

“My own. Both my brothers played instruments when they were little but I’m the only one who’s stuck at it.”

When did the D&B bug bite you, then?

“I loved jungle when I was really young. Everyone in my family had their own genres that they were into. My dad was really into jazz and soul, my brother was into garage and I got into jungle. That was that. It led to big raves like Innovation and I’ve never looked back.”

Good man. Let’s chat about the release. Video Soul… That’s some nice talkbox action!

“It’s from an old 80s TV programme. It’s Roger Troutman. I heard it and thought ‘there is no way you can create that vibe now’ only he could do that. So I sampled it! It’s a special sound, it’s a sound of the past but it still sounds so good today.”

I get the 80s title now. Nice. So, Fly on the b-side. Tell me more…

“It’s a similar vibe to Video Soul. Happy feel-good stuff! I hope it goes down well and people like it.”

I’m sure they will. What’s next?

“I’m hoping to get some big releases. I’m working really hard on lots of new stuff. I’ll be out there DJing and generally spreading the word of Chords.”

Is the DJing taking off?

“I’ve mixed all along but never played out. The gigs come with the releases so I’ve had some great nights in Bristol. There’s such a great scene there. On a par with London at points.”

Definitely. Bristol’s buzzing! Okay, finally, what’s your favourite chord?

“Haha! My favourite chord?”

Yeah man

“F-minor. That’s my go-to starting point for any tune.”

Video Soul / Fly is out now on Metro. Listen and download.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.