FREE DOWNLOAD: Supreme Being – Got Milk VIP

FREE DOWNLOAD: Supreme Being – Got Milk VIP


These ladies certainly have…

Supreme Being certainly has…

In fact he’s got so much milk to spare he’s whisked some of it up into a thick, frothy bass-ravished VIP. And he’s giving it away to you for FREE.

Oh yes, this Friday EVERYONE has milk.

We caught up with him to find out more, and learn about his forthcoming EP on Image Muzik next month…

Loving this VIP…

It’s actually the first version I made. I touched up the EQs and there it was.

Tell you what else we’ve loved this year? Fungus!

That was actually a bit of an experiment. I was playing with different sample packs and heard something that reminded me of a Virus sound. So I thought I’d have a go at doing a reece style bassline. The snare drum hit was used by a big band. You can only buy it on one website. I used that to beef it up. It’s not to everyone’s taste but it’s important to me but it uses elements that I know that no one else in D&B has ever used…

I’m guessing you can’t tell us which band?

Of course not mate. Everyone will be using it then!

Ha! What else have you been up to lately? I know you were at Innovation In The Sun…

Yes, that was really cool. I got to hang out with people I don’t catch up with that often. People like Hazard and Phantasy. Plus mates like Jake Sub Zero. I got some early flights and properly chilled by the pool for a while. It was good to network for a while and get some of the big guys’ perspectives on D&B.

The perfect mix of business and pleasure. Learn anything from your peers?

Yeah. Hazard’s always got loads of really interesting things to say. He’s an innovator of anthems isn’t he? He just makes banger after banger. So it was interesting to hear what he thinks of how people enjoy music and what they’re into. He gave me some advice which is really working for me… Take yourself away from drum & bass and get back into it afresh. Try and get that flow you had at the start and don’t caught up with any perceived expectations that people might have. Because they haven’t.

True. So were you feeling uninspired?

Yeah a little. It just felt like the same old same old really. Like we were going round in a loop over and over again. I felt I was just being known for one particular sound so I said to Original Sin that I wanted to do what I wanted and just make music I want to make.

So a Supreme Being country and western jam is coming soon yeah?

Ha! Yeah, and a folk mix too…

Ha! What do you listen to when you take yourself out of D&B?

My ex got me into house music which influenced me a lot. I make house and hip-hop and bits of garage. Just for fun, like. And of course dubstep but that’s dead apparently so we won’t talk about that!

The dubstep stuff was under Animate, right?

Yeah, it was really fun to do. I had loads of big dubstep DJs picking up on it, tapping me up for stuff. Skream, Benga, SKiSM, Modestep and Knife Party. The big guys! They realised I made D&B so started asking for that too. It was just for fun really but it was great to get that type of reaction.

Was there a point in your career where you might have switched permanently?

Yeah I was so close to doing it! All these massive guys asking for tracks and showing some love… It was hard to ignore! The green eyed monster took over for a while; seeing those guys make a lot of money, it was hard to ignore. I thought ‘maybe I can make loads of money!’ Then I thought ‘hold on, this is chasing the dollars, not doing what I want to do.’ I’m glad I didn’t make that jump!

So what’s coming up next?

Me and Original Sin have made two tunes together. It’s been an interesting collaboration. We kept bouncing off each other; every single time we make a track together it just rolls out. We’ve found a nice healthy balance. I’ll keep you posted on them…

Did you enjoy the heatwave we had last month?

No! I didn’t see it; I’ve done nothing but go to the studio. I’ve got loads coming out. There’s Marching Powder VIP with Sub Zero coming soon and, of course, my new three track EP on Image Muzik.

Ah yes, Ain’t No Pain….

Yeah. It’s a weird hybrid off the Fungus drum kit. Adding and removing drums. It structured so well, it flows really nicely. It’s one of those tracks when you sit there and it rolls out sweetly. The whole concept came together naturally.

Instead of bashing your head against the wall?

Yes! Instead of pushing EQs and tapping buttons wondering if it’s working or not. I love tracks like those!

We do too. Anything else you wanna shout about?

Yeah, I’ve made some liquid tracks and deeper tracks. I want to get them to Calibre if I can get his email. They’ve got some really nice Rhodes keys on them. You don’t hear Rhodes in D&B that much these days. It’s such a nice warm sound. Watch this space on that.

Also, I’d like to thank Geoff Haynes the photographer who took the picture for this release. And, of course, Laura Armeto and Charmain Wilson our models (bass candies) for proving they’ve got milk!

GET MILK: Your free VIP is waiting here!

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.

Supreme Being

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