Supreme Being

Supreme Being
When your debut release gets supported by the biggest names in the game, you know you’re onto a good thing. Such is the case of Supreme Being; released on Propaganda in 2010, his first ever single – Just Teasin/Tune In – cemented him as a fine future prospect in drum & bass with support from the largest scene titans possible: Grooverider, Andy C and DJ Hype. Now a mainstay in all playlists and record boxes, from crews as disparate as Noisia to the Hospital Records family, no Supreme Being release goes unnoticed by anyone clued up about drum & bass.

Mind you, Jason Judge is no stranger to success… Prior to diving deep into the D&B scene he was a professional BMX rider with numerous TV appearances and even a Blue Peter badge to his name! Taking his artist name from his favourite film The Fifth Element, he ditched the wheels for turntables around the mid-noughties. In fact Jason was so determined to make an equally successful impression in drum & bass he set up his own night just to roadtest his early productions on a big rig. Booking the likes of Sub Zero, Original Sin and Taxman, they recognised his talent and commitment and invited him aboard their crack-team of producers on Propaganda and, later, Image Muzik. In the years that have followed Supreme Being releases are regularly spotted across the board from the mighty Playaz to well respected underground labels such as Phantom Dubs and Discus Records.

A self-proclaimed ‘audio geek’, Jason takes his high-impact bass science very seriously. Celebrated for his production clarity and unabated energy, he’s been known to spend months over his mixdowns. And when he can be prised away from the studio he’s usually found knee deep in tech manuals and music books. Or, indeed, trotting the globe, making appearances in the world’s most discerning bass holes from LA to his hometown Leicester.

Approaching each crowd with no preconceptions, each Supreme Being set is as diverse as his ever-growing back catalogue. From the much-coveted closing slot at Innovation In The Dam to the legendary Belgium bass sermons Stealth Bombers, his dancefloor research is as detailed as studio knowhow… He knows when it’s time to drop a classic. He knows when it’s time to blow minds with unheard VIPs. He knows exactly how to tear your club’s roof off.

But then, did you expect anything less from a man whose first release was supported from the biggest names in the game?

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