Erb N Dub: Gravity Defying

Erb N Dub: Gravity Defying

Erb N Dub‘s new release on Technique sees him pairing with Skope, a pretty potent fusion considering their individual capabilities. No wonder there’s more than a touch of supercharged propulsion surrounding this. The cover’s a hint.

Erb N Dub hi, First off, love the cover…

We have to give credit to Bassline Smith and the Technique Artist.

We had a rough idea of what we wanted and Simon nailed it with the designer.

Take us behind your travels for the summer what you been up to and continue to do?

Yeah it’s been a wicked summer! Two gigs that stand out – Playing at Abbey Road for Yamaha and their launch of their new synths Reface. While I was there they were recording the score to the forthcoming Star Wars movie. Such an amazing experience!

Earlier in the year I played at a sick after party for Jessica Van Der Weert’s art exhibition called FlipSide. Check this out – I played after Fat Boy Slim and before Jaguar Skills. Such a mad experience and something I will never forget!

Take us how you and Technique got together for this release?

I sent Bassline Smith a selection of tracks to choose from. ‘Altitude’ and ‘Drummer’ jumped out and the release was set.


So take us behind ‘Drummer’?

Skope and myself were working on new music, I had some samples I wanted to use which I found a few days earlier. We started with them and quickly added the drums and bass. Before we knew it the track was pretty much written.

The next day I listened back and wanted to add a personal touch, we decided to add some live drum fills I played on my custom Jazz kit. We also sampled some rare Jazz vinyl I own.

This is one of my favourite tracks we’ve made.

Tell me about how you and Skope work together?

We spend an evening making nothing but drums, more evenings making bass and other evenings making effects and more. Doing this has given us our own library of sounds to choose from. When we write songs it’s quick and easy as all the hard work has been done beforehand.

Skope’s formidable.

It’s great working with Skope we bounce of each other. I’m looking forward to releasing more music with him.

Take us into ‘Altitude’, love the step in this, what inspired?

‘Altitude’ came together very quickly. I wrote the intro a few days earlier, bounced it out of Cubase and into Ableton. We went into our pre prepared sounds and got to work! A few hours later it was finished.

Random one about technology and future thinking: if you were given the funds, what ONE thing would you buy. A once in a lifetime one, like a mountain-top studio (speaking of altitude). Remember it’s there for life.

It would have to be a car… McLaren P1. Yeah and I would drive it to shows, race everyone on the road and probably lose my licence.

What’s dates and forthcomings for you?

In October I have some exciting shows in Bristol, London, Hastings and Brighton!


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