Eclectic Minds: Skittles

Eclectic Minds: Skittles

Eclectic Minds: a chance for Drum&BassArena to unearth closet D&B fans from other corners of the floor…

This month we’ve collared a wordsmith who’s already closely associated with the scene, and even appeared on a D&B track this year. Say hello to one of Manchester’s many sick mic stylists, Skittles.

“I wouldn’t be half as involved in D&B if it wasn’t for George Dub Phizix and all them lot,” says the man behind last year’s album Poor With £100 Trainers. “I didn’t like drum & bass at all man. Too fast, too much going on. I just remember my mates’ older brothers listening to it, rattling away. The sound quality on the recordings always seemed rubbish.”

Mighty strong words. Luckily, he’s been privy to the good stuff, he now approaches D&B with an open mind and his latest single – In For Me – comes complete with two killer drum & bass remixes from Need For Mirrors and Jubei.

“I love both the remixes,” he grins. “Jubei’s got real soul in his, it’s very musical. Need For Mirrors’ production quality is extremely well engineered. Both of them kill it mate.”

Fans of Skittles will also be pleased to hear In For Me will be the last single from Poor With £100 Trainers as a brand new album is locked and loaded for the near future. And before that, Bumba, a new single with DRS and Chimpo.

“The day £100 Trainers came out I already had the new album ready,” he explains. “The tunes have been there for ages. All the old stuff is donkeys. It feels ages old to me. It’s nice to have a look back here and give the album a final shout, and do it with a drum & bass feel. I can’t wait to get Bumba out, it’s one of the sickest tunes I’ve done. I’m so happy with it.”

In the meantime, here’s the video for In For Me. Then read on for Skittles’ top three drum & bass selections… And how Dub Phizix changed the rapper’s perception of the beats.

“I moved into a studio next door to George and he properly opened my eyes to real drum & bass,” he says. “I didn’t realise how much good stuff was out there, it just seemed the DJs I always heard were playing the shit stuff. George has shown me the diamonds in the rough. He’s the Dub Phizix Drum & Bass Filter! His own stuff just blows me away. He blows everyone out of the water. I wouldn’t even call his stuff drum & bass. He sounds so different!”

Dub Phizix – Rags

This just blew my mind when I first heard it. I wouldn’t even call this drum & bass at all, it opens up so many doors. I’d pick George’s tunes for all three of these if I could, but I’ve got to give at least one other producer props.

Calibre – Windows

Any tune by Calibre could go on this list. Proper soul music. He brings so much emotion to drum & bass. I struggle to find soul or any sentiment I can grasp in drum & bass but you play me any Calibre tune and straight away I’ll feel something. He makes you feel it.

Dub Phizix & Fox – OK

This is amazing! One of George’s earliest tunes, it only came out on digital and I reckon people might have missed it. If he re-released this today it would blow up. I promise you.

in for me

In For Me (Remixes) is out now.

Listen and download.


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