Ulterior Motive Announce GDNCE002 with DRS & DLR

Ulterior Motive Announce GDNCE002 with DRS & DLR

Almost 5 months after they dropped the first release on their Guidance imprint, Ulterior Motive have raised the bar yet again with a powerful second release, and it was well worth the wait… 002 features highly anticipated collaborations with DRS and DLR, with both tracks already making waves in the club circuit. First thing’s first – get this weapon in your ears…


We caught up with the guys for a quick chat about the new release and what else is on the horizon…

Thanks for joining us fellas! Great to see you back with Guidance 002. It’s been a few months since the launch of the label, take us behind what’s been happening in the life of UM the past couple of months?

Hey! It’s been super hectic since the label started, and we’ve just been working on the schedule for 2018 and making sure we’ve got as much as possible ready to release. It’s getting harder to get stuff out on time through the plants lately, but we’ve been out doing shows as normal and getting ready to release GDNCE002.

Last time we spoke you mentioned you had tunes with DLR & DRS lined up – it’s great to see them finally getting a release! How did you approach the 2nd release then?

Yeah we already had this 12″ lined up a few months back and wanted to put them together for the 2nd release. Rungler with DLR is 90% modular – the guys spent a night making sounds and this is the result. There are few other bits with DLR as a result of the studio time but you’ll have to wait to hear them…


Hey Judas is an absolute beast. Was the tune written with DRS in mind then?

Hey Judas has been on the studio HD for a while and has had several different versions. We played around with all of them to get to something we are happy with. We knew the track needed a top line and we’ve been talking about working with DRS for years, so it was great to finally get something written together.

We sent him an early version and he sent back the vocals within a few days, and then we made changes to the beats and bass to make everything gel.


Rungler with DLR is a naughty little number too!! How did the link with J come about and were you able to get some proper studio time in together?

We’ve known J for years and years, and we did some stuff for the OneMind LP they put out on Headz last year as well. We have similar sounds, styles and influences, so when we work together things happen a lot quicker. J came down to Bournemouth and James went to Bristol to work on a few things that we’ve got on the go.

Can’t wait to hear it all! What’s been your highlight of 2017 so far?

So many to choose from! Launching the label at Glastonbury was a real highlight… Being able to celebrate with so many good friends on the line-up on the Saturday evening was a real honour, and it was Greg’s birthday too, so things got a little out of hand!

Haha can imagine! So what’s coming up in 2018 then? You mentioned a collab with Jubei was in the works as well – when can we expect to hear that one?

You know what, we have so much music to come out next year with some really exciting collabs that you’ll need to wait to hear! We’ve been working on the schedule so you shouldn’t have to wait too long…

Bring it on! Any more plans to get other artists on board on the label too?

Yeah 100% just waiting on the music, if anyone wants to send us tunes to check out they can!

Any tunes/ releases been giving you goosebumps of late?

Some of the Monty bits floating around are amazing and Jubei is coming for people in 2018.

Final shouts?

Big up Rob Smith for directing the Hey Judas video, Unearthed, Stardelta, DLR, DRS and everyone supporting Guidance.

Guidance 002 is due for release December 15 – get it here.

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