Drum&BassArena: 18 Years: Callide & Intraspekt

Drum&BassArena: 18 Years: Callide & Intraspekt


Out now: Drum&BassArena: 18 Years

Finally, after many months of hard work, Drum&BassArena: 18 Years is available… And it’s one of our biggest, most explorative album releases to date.

Documenting some of the most exciting twists and turns our favourite genre has ever taken, it’s a three-disc, 60-track audio rampage that takes us from the deepest roots right into the future with 20 exclusives from the likes of Mampi Swift, Klute, BCee, Callide & Intraspekt, Bladerunner, BTK, Raze, L 33 and LOADS more.

From scene-shaping classics to the freshest, most upfront material possible, this isn’t a celebration of our anniversary… It’s a sonic salutation to the entire scene which we continue to be inspired, moved and motivated by.

Here’s a cheeky minimix to give you a small taste of the epic album.

To highlight this week’s release, we’ve called up some of the men responsible for the album’s entire disc of exclusives to find out what their all-time favourite three records from the past 18 years have been. Tantamount to picking your children, this is one of the hardest questions anyone who truly loves drum & bass.

First up, Callide and Instraspekt. They gave us this monster for Drum&BassArena: 18 Years…

Heavy, right? But then what do you expect from the men who picked these three tracks as their all-time favourite drum & bass tunes from the past 18 years?

Time to get nostalgic… What are YOUR three all-time favourite drum & bass tunes?

Drum&BassArena: 18 Years is out now. Treat yourself and support today!

Pendulum – Masochist

 Callide & Intraspekt: “No question on what is number one for us… We feel very few have come close to it since. When collaborating together this track has made a huge impact on the style of music we make. To date it’s still one of the most creative tunes out there and with an intro to beat all intros we think this is the best drum and bass tune ever produced.”

Dillinja – 96 Thing 

Callide: “When trying to choose just one favourite from Dillinja it’s always hard, Electro Boogie, Shiners, All The Things, Basscone…. There are too many! But 96 Thing is everything I love about drum and bass: A long epic and meaningful intro, ridiculous build up, huge vocal hooks and a drop that delivers every element of d&b that has influenced what I write and listen to.”

Sub Focus – Special Place 


Intraspekt: “I instantly think of this when someone asks me my favourite track. The intro, buildup and drop are all perfect! I remember first hearing it on a set from Andy C when I was 16 / 17 and instantly loved it. Proper goosebumps material! I’d constantly be checking online stores at the time, just hoping to find out a release date. It felt like forever until it was released and when it finally was I think I grabbed two copies of it and played it A LOT. I still don’t think there has been a tune that grabs me quite like that did at the time. So for that reason, it definitely has to go in my top three.”

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