Document One’s Top 5 Jazz-Infused D&B Soothers

Document One’s Top 5 Jazz-Infused D&B Soothers

When Document One revealed they were unleashing a debut album on Shogun Audio, it was impossible to predict what direction that debut may take. Never predictable, never formulaic, the Oxford-based duo love to keep us guessing with each release. This album was always going to be a colossal journey, and boy did they deliver.

14 tracks deep, the self-titled LP sees them at their most inspired, weaving a multitude of musical influences in signature style; that is to say, seamlessly.

From the funky rhythm of So In Love, the lush atmospherics in Temporal, to the gritty soundscapes of 1964, Holy Moly, Throwback and everything in between, it’s a bold statement highlighting their wide-ranging musical psyche.

Songwriters first and foremost, what really shines through is their soulful musicality, with funk and jazz influences at the forefront.

In their own words:

We’ve spent close to a decade working together as Document One within UK bass music. We’ve toured over 30 countries across 4 continents, we’ve watched musicians that we admire perform and we’ve been exposed to so much culture along the way. This album is a cross-section of who we are as musicians, as people and most importantly a duo. We haven’t deviated from the tempo of D&B (between 170-180 bpm) because this genre is where the Document One project started. This is our journey encapsulated in the style of drum and bass.

And what a journey it is…

With so many jazzy highlights throughout the album, we caught up with the duo to get their top 5 jazz-infused D&B soothers, and they’ve picked some serious gems. Dive in…

LTJ Bukem – Atlantis

This is one of our all-time favourites! As soon as you press play you know what track it is, the riff in the intro is totally hypnotic and instantly recognisable, the strings are simple but perfectly effective and the break has so much energy, and we’re still listening to the intro!

By the time the Rhodes piano and the bongo kicks once the track has dropped it’s impossible not to get lost in this track. LTJ Bukem never overcomplicates his tracks, every part says its bit and it just feels like there is nothing more than what the track needs and this track is the perfect example of this, such a vibe!! One of our biggest heroes!

LSB – Spaces Between

This track is totally beautiful, one of those tracks which just gets you thinking. This one is all about the piano, the progression is simple but perfect and the vocal sample seams to float by over the top. This tune is a bit deeper than some of the other choices in this list when a mix needs a change in direction we often reach for this track. LSB is such an amazing producer, from the chord progression to the mix-down this track is elegant – bang on!

Technimatic – Bristol

A modern classic! The second you hit play and that brass sample comes in it brings a smile – add a vocal sample, drum break, and some electric piano and you have yourself an absolute belter!

We love how the brass switches up just before the drop, such a simple but effective way to create the impact on the drop. The breakdown reminds us of LTJ Bukem, with big pads and ambient electric piano samples the tune momentarily takes things in a totally different direction. This is one of those rare tracks which works as well in your headphones as it does the dance floor!

Phaction – I Have You

Phaction is such a diverse producer, we absolutely love what he does! This track is a bit more upbeat than we are sometimes used to from him, and we love it!

The double bass and reversed piano sample instantly creates the vibe and then Leo Wood’s vocal joins to complete the picture. The piano plays such a great roll in this tune, it’s playful and almost improvisational, dipping in and making a statement whenever the track needs it. We love Leo Wood’s vocal in this track, but the star of the show is the double bass – such an addictive bassline!

Beta 2 & Zero T – Like Yesterday

We had to include something from Dispatch Recordings, one of our absolute favourite labels, and this track is a corker.

The rolling drums take you on a journey you never want to return from, the Rhodes plays a progression you’re not expecting, and the double bass keeps everything routed just right. This is one of those tracks we feel jealous we hadn’t written ourselves – two great producers working together in perfect harmony!

Document One’s self-titled LP is out now on Shogun Audio – get it here

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