Dabs: Truth on the Horizon

Dabs: Truth on the Horizon


Dabs takes time out from a busy schedule to discuss the recent outing on Horizons, alongside Kwality and NFM: Stentah/Half Truth. And in discussing the ep, something emerges which is also a reflection OF the ep: a sort of mini masterclass in understatement. It’s all about big sounds and concepts, delivered slickly & discretely…

Your unique take on D&B is again here and it’s always great to hear new output from Dabs! Can you talk us through ‘Stentah’?

You know I’m not feeling good if I stay far from the studio for too long.

I was keen to get back on track with Victor, AKA Kwality, we’ve had sooooo much fun writing lyrics and beats every time. With ‘Stentah’ we wanted to tell a different story, someone could maybe say it’s “Skull & Bones part 2” but the approach is actually different. Not the same ‘party’ vibe I guess.

Could you elaborate on the word ‘Stentah’?

All is centred on his voice: it’s ‘highly hoarse’ and as deep and powerful as the old Greek stentors that used to galvanize the warriors before the big battle. That’s it: energy infused in a deep way, for something which can be not really ‘happy’, but has to be done.

Does it show a slightly different side of you then? In regard to production?

It’s definitely a tune which reflects that mode, that moment, different or not. As the production side, I’m lately writing some more heavy vibe tracks. I feel like I want to get back to the roots, where it all began for me, and especially write the tunes I like to drop in a club.

‘Stentah’ can easily be a transition to that. The main thing is that I don’t like any boundaries in music!

_DSC9202 copy 2

Now to the ‘Half Truth’, what inspired this?

It was a Cubase project sitting on my HD for ages! I totally forgot it, and when I played it back, I realized how hypnotic was that piano riff was. The bassline and atmos work HLZ and NFM did on it made the track complete, perfect to roll the 12″ out.

The title resonates with me… what does it mean?

‘Half Truth’ is a concept we are all dealing with nowadays. The various medias can never tell integral versions of news. People in general prefer to show the ‘nice’ part of the events, hiding the dust under carpet sometimes.

You mention having this project on your system: what is one piece of advice to a new producer coming up in a world full of existing music/standards, templates, personalities, technology… it must be crazy to decide which route to take.

I guess just go with the flow, but don’t forget you must reach the level, and compare your track’s mixdown with the favourite music you play and buy, before sending to labels.


Can we see you in the UK soon?

Yep sir, probably July 18, Eatbrain at The Black Swan in Bristol.

Any shouts Dabs?

Shout goes out to Kwality, Emilio and Joe Mosus for the amazing collaboration time. Big ups to Neil Horizons, Ant TC1 and Jade, always believing in my output.

Stay locked for a three new tracks and one remix Dispatch EP… DIS082, the Constant EP which is dropping in a couple of months. There’s a new, nasty four track EP on Eatbrain, which is nearly done. And some new Kwality collabs. Been a pleasure as usual Damian!

Stentah/Half Truth

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