Dabs and ‘Cosmos’: Spaced

Dabs and ‘Cosmos’: Spaced


On the Theory of the Avantgarde – Cosmos compilation, producer Dabs has forged a collation of artists so broad, so otherwordly and so luminous that it’s dizzying. Cosmic, even: Fade, Hydro, War, Mateba, L33, Handra, Inward, HLZ… the list is staggering.

There’s even the perfect Halloween theme if you’re looking for one, so read on…

Can you tell me about the conception of the new Avantgarde album, Cosmos (for short)?

The real concept behind the label is always been in both talent-scouting and releasing the music I feel like it’s contemporary and represents in some way the big spectrum of what D&B is. It’s actually a big scenario… too big maybe?

So we decided to circumscribe it a little ‘Cosmos’ and frame that into a CD.

The artists on here, it’s superb! An array of great names, what a gang!

All of the heads inside the Cosmos are artists I’ve worked with or always wanted to, via Avantgarde or via the Dabs project. Some of them are well-respected artists, some of the new projects are new italian producers that definately worth to push.

Was it a laborious process, to get it all happening?

It was such a pain in the ass to collect and coordinate so many people, more than we expected! Challenging stuff but I’m glad we did. And now we know what the label is capable of.

Some tunes at random, bouncing in and out of the Cosmos… ‘Monochrome’ for example

The perfect intro. Techy, Evocative. Technical. Epic! Annibale is from Rome, my city. So low profile as much as so talented guy. When he sent the track he knew perfectly I would have signed it for Avantgarde. Still got skin shivering when I hear it, classy!

HLZ: truly killer, heavyweight: well it IS called ‘Lost Train’…

Well, the man knows how to cook perfect rollers. If I had to say something to him I’d probably use the same words as Joe Bastianich judging and excellent plate on Masterchef. His Italian is ALL, always a big laugh for us..

M-zine and Scepticz, Matt P and MTWN ‘Fumes’… !!

All the output of these guys is so funky and deep and knowing them personally I know how this is possible. They got a perfect studio environment and a specific approach to the genre. I love the deep oldschool vibe of their ‘Let Go’ tune even more, top quality stuff!

Hanzo, Randie and Bayou ‘Totentanz’… chilling! It’s a Halloween special.

I need to spend some words on Hanzo & Randie: other than big friend, these two Roman guys are proving skills release after release. What I like most in their production is versatility, they are not sticking on one vibe, and seem capable of doing great in completely different kind of tunes.


Maybe I see in them the vision I always had about D&B. And the fact that, when in the studio, can’t be bored in producing and repeating the same process, the same sounds and mood. Variety and complexity can be the key sometime.

‘Totentanz’ with Bayou is a really ‘skeleton dancing’ groove business. It matches the mix with pretty much everything and that crisp vibe.. wicked stuff!

YOU, ArpXP and Grotesque… this is very special!

This is very unusual, I’d say. It all started in a day when Grotesque (who runs the label with Dabs, and designed the sleeve) came at mine half drunk, and and I showed him a groovy arpeggiator patch I was doing on FM8. Due to some liquids, from half drunk, he became just ‘drunk’ and wrote some random kicks on the pattern, was so happy and started to headshake and saying was the best killer ever. Rounded off by Arp XP.

What are other moments here/artists people should look for?

Kush T is a very young talented man, one to keep an eye for. Loved his tune, some kind of glitchy UK vibe but really original at the same time. Looking forward to hear some more tunes from him for Avantgarde.

And I need just to mention my personal two favourites of the LP: Maurs ‘Walking the Dog’ and L 33 ‘Wolf Pack’ ft. MC Bashment. Just press play..

You are finishing 2014 playing shows, busy as ever, what have been some highlights?

2014 is been a solid year for me personally especially on the DJ side. I had the chance to play at Let it Roll, massive festival, thanks to the Authentic crew for having me down, and shouts to Julian and all the Vandal crew for the Dispatch show at Le Bikini.


It was definitely big time with Ant TC1, Nymfo, Cern and Amoss, and one of the best club and soundsystem in Europe possibly? I wanna come back there bad!

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