Calibre: In Dreamz

Calibre: In Dreamz


Calibre‘s just dropped Dream Dubz on CIA. It’s a thing of wonder as you’d expect, the sentiment shared by the Total Science guys themselves who told us that ‘The label’s always been a vehicle for us to express our musical taste. We’ve been lucky to work with a lot of great artists over the years and Calibre has been one of them who’s been with us since the early days. It’s always a pleasure to have an artist of Dom’s calibre – pun intended – to release on the label’.

Over to Calibre himself.

Dominick how are you?

I’m good just back from SunAndBass, and I’m currently in Germany trying to work between gigs.

I don’t mean to be too personal but you’re a dad and it changes life so have you found life different as a producer?

I think I have more inspiration, but less time. It’s a tricky one; it’s taken me a while to get over the shock of becoming a dad, but it opens up a world of infinite love so it can only be good for my work to come.


Knowing a bit about how you work, did these tunes for CIA come from a session, a particular batch from time or did they come about over time?

Yeah they where made independently from each other over a period of about two years. I think it was Smithy and Quiff who decided what to go with from a bunch of tunes I’d sent them.

I have had a long and enjoyable relationship with those two lovely fellows so it was fairly easy to put together.

What influenced ‘Posh Boy’?

Well I don’t know whether you know this but there seems to be an unhealthy amount of posh boys in the entertainment industry.

Some for the love but others may be looking for an alternative power trip.

And ‘Dreamz Dub’… the distant dub atmosphere is here, it recalls Second Sun and that era – a personal take there – would you take us through the tune?

This was a tune I had made for a Fox vocal that DRS had sent me; I thought it would be consigned to the unreleased vaults but here it is.

I think it has an old school feel to it, it wasn’t intentional but that’s how they roll out sometimes….

What music outside of D&B are you checking?

I love the Tapes stuff: it reminds me of my 8 track days recording onto magnetic tape, it was a beautiful time, I also get to check lots of Ambient music here in Germany; there is a real dearth of material here.

Finishing with ‘Believe It’: what snapshot and random thoughts come to mind when you regard this tune, when you think about making it?

I have categories for music that I make it but it wouldn’t make sense to talk about it all here.

Some tunes I don’t even like but I still try to finish them.

That’s the nature of working with something expressive, it’s a changing thing so I always allow for it to grow or fail.

Maybe if I don’t like some tunes that I make but then others will… that’s another wonderful angle that I like about music production.

Dreamz Dub

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