Bladerunner: Top Five Dubplates

Bladerunner: Top Five Dubplates

Dubplates: Once the gold standard of the scene, if you had access to them, you knew you were making the right moves.

While cutting houses aren’t frequented anywhere near as much these days, the culture of sharing versions, exclusives and upfront tracks between DJs is still massively inherent.

Sure, no amount of digital download peer passing will ever replicate the gravitas of an acetate, but all genres are still charged with exclusivity. As proved by this cheeky top five dubplates we’ve just acquired from Bladerunner. While his all-time favourite is an out-and-out classic, the rest are as upfront as they come.

For more Bladerunner justice, check out his recent remix of Rhythm Riders – Give Me A Sign. Out now on Sub Slayers, this is what it sounds like:

Support Rhythm Riders – Give Me A Sign


Dubplate dedication: A Bladerunner Top Five


Roni Size – Trust Me (Unreleased Mix) (Talking Loud Dub)

This is my all-time favourite unreleased dub, I remember hearing this for the first time when I went to Pure X at the Sanctuary back in ’97. Jumping Jack Frost was playing the original, and then switched into this nasty VIP that had a completely different bassline and the place went crazy!

Dr S Gachet – Remember The Roller (Bladerunner Remix) (Audiomaze Dub)

I’ve been playing this remix of mine for a few years now. It always gets a great crowd reaction and the vocal breakdown in the middle still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. I’ve always loved this tune since hearing the original on ‘One in the Jungle’ for the first time.

Firefox & 4Tree – Warning (Serum Remix) (Philly Blunt Dub)

This one’s been tearing up the dance floor for a while now. A wicked new version with all the power and weight of Serum’s production to boot. Soon to be released on Philly Blunt. Big tune!

DJ Westy – Dark Skies (Dub)

A serious tune I’ve recently been smashing. One of the new guard, DJ Westy has killed it with this one. It has the feel of Dillinja ‘Cybertron,’ and Roni Size ‘Share the Fall’ (Grooverider’s Jeep mix)  which are two huge tracks to be compared to, but it does the job for me every time.

Mr Explicit – Iron Maiden (Dread Dub)

I’ve been busting Mr Explicit dubs for many years now, and they just keep getting more and more heavy with even crazier basslines! This one is no exception, some serious rise up tearing bass with huge slapping snares and a wicked kung fu vocal. Soon to come on Dread Recordings.




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