Artificial Intelligence – Forgotten Truths EP

Artificial Intelligence – Forgotten Truths EP


Artificial Intelligence need very little introduction. With a career spanning over 10 years, the duo have showcased their creative versatility with countless releases, and have carved a signature sound through their Integral Records imprint. With their killer Forgotten Truths EP dropping on Metalheadz today, we caught up with the talented duo to chat about the EP, what’s coming up on Integral Records and more…

Big up guys, how is 2015 treating you so far?

It’s been really positive and we have been locked in the studio for near enough all of it so far. It’s nice to have this EP just dropping to kick things off and is a small taste of things to come…

Forgotten Truths is out on Metalheadz today and is an incredibly diverse release.. Tell us how the project came together…

We’ve been working a number of ideas with a Metalheadz EP in mind, and keeping it diverse to represent the various sides of our production and influences over the years was the basis of the plan. We wanted there to be something for most d&b lovers to pick up on.

Mission accomplished! Did you both work on the EP in the studio together or do you work better on your own?

We are firm believers in coming up with a vibe together in the studio, however time and technology have given us other options.

Each track has been a different process – some were created from scratch in the studio together. Others are ideas we bounced back and forward between us then made some decisions and finished together.

Talk me through the title track… It’s got a great vibe and features the always impressive Steo. You guys have worked with him a lot before, does that make it a lot easier when you know how each other operate?

The title track was the last piece of the puzzle on the EP that recently came together. We wanted to recapture some of our earlier sound with a cutting edge twist. The track was already finished but crying out for a vocal and in particular, Steo. He always comes up with something special and this is a contender for one of our favourites! We have developed a firm understanding of what we all are looking for which has made this such an exciting collaboration.

We have worked with him for close to 10 years and first came across him through Cian ( Zero T) via releasing ‘Refusal’ on Integral Records. We then released numerous other collabs on V, Shogun and Metalheadz.

My Soul is one of my favourites off the EP. It’s quite uplifting and yet has a moody edge, is there a backstory with how that tune came together?

My Soul was the first track which we finished. We wanted to try something slightly outside the box which we knew we had the freedom to do with Metalheadz.

Thunder Cloud is a sinister little number and features Sense. How did the link with Sense come about?

We’ve worked with Sense before and he came down to another studio where we write music for film trailers, games etc. At this point Thunder Cloud had just come together and we couldn’t let him leave before playing him the track. Matty completely blew us away as soon as he laid his bars down. He had only just heard the vibe and it just seem to come naturally.

Lenzman did a rolling re-work of ‘What You Had’. What made you decide to include the track on this project?

The original is one of our favourites from the last few years and yet another example of Steo’s special talents. At the time we were just remixing Lenzman’s ‘Ever So Slightly’ for the Integral Select album sampler so it seemed like the natural thing to do which all worked out nicely.

The artwork for the EP is seriously impressive. Concept behind it?

We used Rich from Devolution for our previous EP on Shogun and had to bring him in for this one. We gave him a preview of the full EP and left him with complete creative freedom with the concept.

Artificial Intelligence

Massive respect for everything you guys have been doing with your own label, Integral Records. Some amazing releases recently from the likes of Phil Tangent, not to mention the Integral Select LP, which dropped last year. What’s coming up for the label in 2015?

We were really pleased with the Integral Select album project last year, as well as Phil’s superb EP. Our label manager Emma G has really brought a lot to the table as well, which has made a huge difference. At the moment we’re just finalising some really exciting projects with plans for a number of EP’s, artist and comp albums to follow. Watch this space 😉

You had some great Integral events in London last year as well, do you have plans for more this year?

We are looking to plan a string if Integral events this year in the UK, Europe and beyond.


Artists you’ve got your eye on?

Phil Tangent, LSB, Hugh Hardie, Scar, Zero T, Penny Giles, Mako and DLR.

What’s coming up for you guys in 2015, and where can people catch you next?

This year is all about completing and releasing a full AI Metlaheadz album which we are knee-deep in, and very excited about.

You can catch us at Soul In Motion next Wednesday the 21st of January, where we will be previewing some forthcoming Integral & AI music and celebrating the launch of the EP. Big shouts to Bailey and Need For Mirrors for bringing back a really cool regular mid-week night in the heart of London. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with all their upcoming events.

Did you have any New Year resolutions? If so, did you stick to them?

Our New year’s resolution is just pushing AI and the Integral Records brand which we are putting a lot of energy into this year!

Final words/ shout outs?

Shout outs to all that helped bring Forgotten Truths to life. Steo, Sense, Lenzman, Goldie, Ant, If and the whole Metalheadz family!

Forgotten Truths is out now. Get it here.

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