Artificial Intelligence: Reunion of Minds

Artificial Intelligence: Reunion of Minds
Photo Credit: Chelone Wolf

Photo Credit: Chelone Wolf

Artificial Intelligence are back with another sublime offering on Metalheadz in the form of the 4-track strong Shrine EP. Once again balancing gritty, raw and hard-hitting elements with atmospheric, soothing vibes, the duo are in top form and hard at work on their next album. We caught up with Glenn to find out more…

Yes Glenn, good to chat again! Where you joining us from?

Sicily 🙂

Oh rub it in… Most random thing in the room with you right now then?

On a plane actually so has to be the Norwegian Airline stewardesses blouse…

Haha good uniform is it? 😉 You’ve just dropped the Shrine EP on Metalheadz – loving the variety throughout, big ups yet again! How did you approach this EP after the massive task of completing the album last year? Did you dive in with a much more relaxed mindset?

Yes way more relaxed having Timeline behind us for sure. These were basically the next 4 ideas that came together which we thought would make a nice varied follow up EP.

And that they are! We have to discuss the title track… Breathtakingly melancholic, something about it absolutely breaks my heart. So much emotion behind it.. Is there a story there?

Shrine is a personal fave of ours too. We had the bones of the main musical idea down for a while which we really loved going round but it took quite a while to get the right bass vibe in even though what stuck is pretty simple. Sometimes those are the hardest to crack. There is also a lot of very subtle detail, textures and sounds within the track and arrangement.


Stand Firm is seriously tough. How did the link with Visionobi come about? 

Rich sent us a few ideas a while ago which have been sitting on our drives. Zula sent me a basic idea with the vocal looping which instantly got me. At that point we had to make it happen and the rest is history. We love the drums and how they progress in this one. It’s a mix of live drums and breaks which develop in the arrangement.


The video is seriously sick!! Who was behind the concept?

Rich hooked us up with a really talented videographer by the name of Bailey Hyatt. He was responsible for the concept and execution and we couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out!

Ghost Racoon is militant! The track name is certainly intriguing..

This one is more of a DJ tool for the dancefloor covered in random source direct style oldskool cinematic sounds. The name was just a random work in progress title which somehow never changed!


Reunion rounds the EP off perfectly. Gentle, atmospheric, smooth.. Very emotive vibe. Definite head-nodder for me… what’s the last head-nodder you listened to?

This was the first track we made post Timeline release. We named it Reunion as we spent some time apart after finishing the album so I guess it was a kind of reunion… As for head-nodder perhaps the full forthcoming SCAR album which has been on repeat!


Ohh yes good choice! So what’s coming up next for you guys then, how’s the next album coming along?

We have more than an albums worth of new material down now which we are really hyped about. Just a matter of refining and selecting the right tracks that work together for an album concept. Before that though we have a number of fresh collabs with the Dawn Wall guys too which should surface soon.

Cannot WAIT for that!! Final shout outs?

Big shouts to every one at Headz – Ant, If, Goldie etc. for all the hard work and pushing the part of the scene we love.

The Shrine EP is out now on Metalheadz. Get it here

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