Annix: Past & Future

Annix: Past & Future

Konichi and Decimal Bass are collectively known as Annix. Got it? So now that’s Past, let’s talk about the Future… coincidentally, those key words that form the title of new and rather storming, skittering and bass lacerating ep on Playaz, Past & Future.

Past & Future. Time. So, speaking of, how’s 2014 been?

Ups and downs but overall it’s been a good year! Lots of time spent in the studio and lots of music made, hopefully we can get more of it out this year.

Some sick music on this ep so can I ask about the title of the ep first off, does it mean anything deep or is it just a title?

It’s the name of one of the tunes. We picked it because it sounded good.

Do you travel a lot roadtesting these beats? If so where? Where does it go down well?

Normally, but the last couple months have been pretty quiet more studio based, so we have a lot of new material to test in the next few months!

‘Near Me’ is a knock out, I love this tune: when did it come about?

Think I (Decimal Bass) wrote the first version in September last year, so a while ago.

What is another tune on here you would single out and talk us through?

‘Take It Back’ was the first track we made in our new studio… it was written in about three hours and mixed over the following few weeks. It’s probably had the best reception in terms of crowd reaction and DJ support.

As you all work under the one header of Annix how does it work on the day to day basis in terms of getting tunes to each other?

We either work together in the studio or send stems to each other online.

And what tunes of others are you drawing live, what things are delivering?

The new Noisia ep is wicked. Hoogs is a regular in our sets also Hazard and Majistrate

What DJs support your style? Grooverider has long long long been into this beat, who else?

Hype, Hazard, Sub Zero etc Skrillex has also started supporting our stuff which was nice.

Last, what’s a tune you would play when you are driving to the gig to get in the mood to play?

‘The Final Countdown’.

Past & Future

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