ALIBI: Planet V Drum & Bass Vol. 2

ALIBI: Planet V Drum & Bass Vol. 2


Brazil’s DJ Chap & Level 2 have joined forces to become ALIBI, and with their recent signing to V Recordings, coupled with a number of impressive releases, the future is bright for the talented duo. We caught up to chat about signing to V, mixing the latest Planet V compilation and more…

Last time we spoke you had just signed to V, which must have been a very proud moment! How has it been working under the guidance of V as a duo so far?

Hello Drum&BassArena crew! Yes no doubt this has been a very important moment in our careers, and we’re working hard at it. We’re lucky we work so well with V – always well-balanced, organised and ready to go!

What motivated you to join forces to become ALIBI?

We started to work together a while ago and always had a good connection, so in 2014 we decided to to take it a step further and work together on a new project. When we joined forces we became more mature in our approach to production. Also, we are longtime friends, and this is the most important thing for us, regardless of whether this all works out or not!

Do you think the new project will allow you explore sounds and perhaps push each other creatively more so than you would have as solo artists?

Yes for sure, that’s the idea! We want to explore new sounds and new atmospheres. We have many ideas together and we want to do something different from the usual.

Do you work on music together in the studio?

Almost every time, yes! We work together in a sound designer studio, so it’s easy because sometimes one of us starts an idea and the other finishes it, and then other times it’s the other way around so it works very well.

You guys mixed the new Planet V compilation – must have been an honour to get the opportunity to mix such a well respected series – was there a lot of pressure going in the mix for such a project?

For us it was an honour! We were very happy when Bryan invited us to do it, and started studying the songs we wanted to include on it straight away. We didn’t feel so much pressure because Bryan is so easy-going, and no doubt this helped us a lot.

Do you see yourselves as DJs first, or producers first?

Not sure about that one… We love to produce, but we love to DJ at the same time! Haha, I think producers first.

Overaged is out as an exclusive on the compilation – I’m loving the sinister undertones… That sub-bass is DARK! What inspired this track?

Overaged is special, it’s different to everything else we have done, so it’s a mix of the jungle bass with leads and reese. We listened to a lot of old school tracks, so that definitely inspired us on this.

Aftermath also features on the compilation. Loving the smooth vibe on this one. You guys switch between styles so flawlessly… Do you think it’s important to have a balance between light and dark vibes?

Yes, the first rule of ALIBI is “no rules”, and it works very well. Aftermath came about from this idea – the intro is so liquid, then when the second drop comes it’s different, dark and deep!


Talk us through Oxygen, which also appears on the comp. Is there a story behind this one or particular inspiration behind it?

Oxygen is one of the first tracks we did. When we finished it we looked each other and said “wow”. We’ve never done something like this.. I mean, this vibe… roller man!


It really is! You have a collab coming up with DRS… Can’t wait to hear that one! How did the link with Del come about?

Del is an incredible person. When he came to Brazil he called us to the studio because he wanted to listen to our beats. He heard a few tracks and loved them so it’s a pleasure for us!

Any other wicked collabs on the horizon?

Actually yes! We’ve done some collabs with MC Fats, L-Side, Unreal, Dogface, and some other talented guys, but we can’t speak much about them yet! haha

Knockout is certainly getting some positive attention! When are we going to get the opportunity to blast that through our speakers?

We’re glad you like the track guys, it will be released on our album which is coming soon. It’s already being supported by some DJs like Marky, Bryan Gee, Spirit and Patife so we can’t wait to put it out!

If you could work with anyone in the scene who would be on your wish list?

We always talk each other about that! We love the work from Ivy Lab.. Sabre always supports our tracks so one collab with those guys would be amazing!

You’re both still based in Brazil, some serious talent coming from Brazil!!

Brazillian producers really are growing at the moment. We have a lot of talent here like L Side, Unreal, Urbandawn, Simplification & Translate, Shotik, Critycal Dub, Nitri, Andrezz and more. All the guys are working hard in the studio so a lot of good news and music will be coming real soon!

Which tracks are giving you goosebumps at the moment?

S.P.Y & Unreal – Parallels. This track is WICKED! Smashed it! They work so well together. Also L Side ft. TRAC – Killer Transmission. That dark, rolling mix and sick leads – the guys smashed this one too!

What’s coming up next for you guys?

The next release will be coming in March. We are very happy because we did a collab with a girl called Charli Brix. She has an amazing talent, so this EP will be amazing! Roller track, liquid track and a half time track, so look out for it!

We are also very excited for the Planet V album, Fabio will also be coming to Europe early next month to represent ALIBI on the tour – there’s a bunch of gigs lined up and I’m sure they’re gonna be fire!

Shout outs/ words of wisdom?

We would like to say thanks for the support guys! Big ups to all our friends, Bryan Gee, JJ Frost, Gareth, guys from here like L Side, Unreal, Andrezz, Urbandawn, Patife, Critycal Dub, Nitri, Marky, and all the guys who support us – it gives us great pleasure so thank you so much!

Planet V Drum & Bass Vol. 2 is out now. Check it via the V shop, iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Google Play and Spotify.


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