Alibi and V Recordings

Alibi and V Recordings


Alibi is a new, powerful alliance between DJ Chap and Level 2, something that was touched upon when we last spoke to Chap, for the Terrorist ep. Their new release is ‘Aftermath/Oxygen’ and it’s been causing a rumble, so we caught up with them.

But first Bryan Gee gave us the view from their label V Recordings about the hot new signing…

Bryan Gee: I’m really pleased to have signed Alibi to V Recordings. I’ve been working with these guys from day one and the Alibi project is them maturing and takin their music to another level.

Whatever style of drum and bass these guys do they also keep that funk, that groove and that soul which really excites me.

I always felt that individually as Chap & Level 2 that there was so much more was to come from them, I saw in them to producers that in years to come would be looked back on in the same we look at people like Roni, Die, Krust, Marky, Total Science and so forth, and so now seeing collaborate on this project just increases that buzz I have about them.

The new single has been getting a great reaction already and I’ve noticed of DJs hitting me up asking about them, and giving me really positive feedback – also the reaction I’ve been getting from playing them in my sets has been massive.

Over to Alibi…

Are you excited to have signed to V Recordings? What does it mean to you?

Hello everyone! I hope you are well! Yes, we are very excited about this new journey, and signing with V Recordings is incredible, actually the V Recording has always been our home, and we will continue it with this new work.

Tell us about the new single – what reaction and support have you been getting for it?

‘Aftermath’ and ‘Oxygen’ were the first tracks of the Alibi project, quite different from each other: ‘Aftermath’ has taken more deep, with a striking reese, ‘Oxygen’ is a little more “tech”.

We are very happy with the result and the feedbacks are great! Big names are playing the tunes as Bryan Gee, DJ Marky, London Elektricity, Ivy Lab, BSE, Redeyes…

What do you have planned for the future with Alibi?

We will keep focused on this project, we signed as exclusive with V Recordings, so, we can expect much good coming around, eps, an album, great collaborations, and this will be very cool… we can’t wait!

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